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Central Valley | Police State and Prisons

Fresno Police Officer Association targetted, window smashed.
by the resistance
Thursday Jun 30th, 2011 12:23 AM
Tonight a brick was thrown through the FPOA with a note attached reading "If over half of the City Budget goes to the police, that means that less than half is going to those they 'serve and protect'".
Jacky Parks said he would not accept a pay cut for the gang in blue unless the IPA was removed. Mr. Auberry is gone and Jacky is still being an a-hole and not conceding. It is ridiculous that FPD gets over half of the city funds. This clearly shows the police state that we live in and reminds us that we must fight back. While bricks through windows do little to stop these terrorists in our streets, we hope that it inspires further, more effective, actions in both ourselves and our comrades at large.
Dyer may be retiring, but we won't be fooled. There will be a new face, but the same bullshit and corruption.

"a spark shall kindle the flame"