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National Day of Action on the 8th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq - SF labor unites
by Rubble
Saturday Mar 19th, 2011 4:56 PM
Solidarity with labor was a primary part of the San Francisco March 19th anti-war rally. After the main UN Plaza rally, activists marched to Union Square for a shorter protest rally at several hotels which continue demanding negotiated cutbacks from workers represented by UNITE HERE Local 2. Hear labor activist Mike Casey at the UN Plaza rally, followed by sounds from the march around the Union Square hotels. (17:45)
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While the U.S. will spend $1 trillion+ for war and occupation in 2011, 30 million people in the U.S. remain unemployed or severely underemployed, and cuts in education, housing and healthcare are imposing a huge toll on the people. Now, new rounds of cutbacks in vital public services and jobs are underway at the federal, state and local level. Public and private sector unions are under severe attack.

12,000 SF hotel workers, members of UNITE HERE Local 2, have been fighting for 17 months for a new contract that protects their healthcare, wages and working conditions. UNITE HERE Local 2 workers continue organizing a boycott against a number of major hotels, applying economic pressure to these wealthy employers to meet reasonable negotiated contract standards.

A rally was held later in the day at the St. Regis Hotel to protest former Bush Administration National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, who was giving a keynote address at the World Affairs Council conference at that hotel.