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People's Park Treesitter Forced from Tree and in Santa Rita on Attempted Murder Charge
by dave id
Friday Jan 28th, 2011 9:46 AM
Details are unclear at this point after having received just a very brief report on the situation, but apparently some drunken instigators, perhaps working with the Berkeley and/or UC police departments to create a ruse for raiding the treesit, climbed into the tree last night and confronted Midnight Matt. Midnight Matt tried to defend himself and demanded that the instigators leave the tree. One of the instigators ended up with a small cut on his hand. The confrontation was then the justification BPD and UCPD used to call the Fire Department and extract Midnight Matt from the tree around 3am. Midnight Matt is now in Santa Rita jail facing attempted murder charges. None of the instigators were charged.
There is no call for support at the park now, but stay tuned for updates.

More information on the treesit can be found at the web page below: