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Brian Edwards-Tiekert Arguing to the Pacifica Board FOR The Necessity of Staff Layoffs
by ICR Supporter
Tuesday Nov 9th, 2010 7:21 PM
Hey, I agree with everything he says.....

"We have spent, and budgeted, as if a one-time spike in listenership and listener support was long term growth, which it was not."

"We have a lot more people on payroll; and it hurts to cut jobs...it hurts us as social-justice people..."

"And you get pushed back, you get politicking, you get coalitions to block any kind of job cut, so the path of least resistance is to first spend down your savings, as long as you got money to pay the bills, and then go, 'Oh my god, we're headed over a cliff now', which is where we are now."

"So we've gotten ourself to a place where's there's not just a spending crisis, where we're out of balance, but where there's a cash crisis. There is not the money in our accounts that affords us the flexibility to take some of the steps we need to get the Foundation back in balance..."

"The income you have you have coming in, the revenues in that budget has to be proven. You have to be able to demonstrate that you've raised that kind of money by that kind of means in the past, or you can't count on it."

"Stations without any cash in the bank, who are starting the year with zero, or as in the case with a couple of our stations, in the hole, negative money, have to budget a surplus."

"What I'm aiming at, is not having the Foundation go belly up in three months, because that's what we're heading for right now."

"What I dread even more is the day that everybody at the five stations and Pacifica shows up to work to collect their paycheck for their last two weeks of work, and here's "Sorry, we don't have the money for you, our bank account's empty..." "

"And if we don't make the cuts now, and honestly some of these cuts should have been made one or two years ago, that's the real prospect we face, because we're running out of cash."

Brian Edwards-Tiekert, KPFA Treasurer
Report to the Pacifica National Board - September 2008

*KPFA had to borrow money on September 15th, 2010 from another Pacifica station and the national foundation office to make its payroll and pay for health care benefits*

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