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The Infamous "Violence Is Not Justice" PSA
by YU video from interwebs
Saturday Jul 3rd, 2010 3:35 PM
So, Youth Uprising wants us all to know that "violence is not justice." Okay, but that's a straw man argument. Who actually advocates violence as an end in and of itself? No one. Why blindly repeat talking points from the powers that be that define property destruction as "violence"? The real violence that happened on the streets in January '09 was cops beating and tasing people, more often than not quite randomly. Protesters didn't hurt a single person. Now the cops are prepared to bust out people's ear drums with their new LRAD weapon and Youth Uprising is silent on that being "violence".

It's typical of the oversimplified, dumbed-down message being sent out by non-profits now, basically doing the bidding of politicians and police. Yes, violence does not equal justice, but neither does police brutality equal property destruction. Okay?

Why is Youth Uprising more interested in targeting protesters than the powers that be at this most critical time? Do they really care more about broken windows than police gunning down unarmed people of color?

What exactly does justice mean in the affirmative for Youth Uprising? If Johannes Mehserle walks in the murder of Oscar Grant, is that the justice system just doing its thing and we should all trust and accept that? Is there no recourse acceptable to them other than making PSAs to tell the people to calm down? When will they ever live up to their name, stop worrying about funding from the state, and actually rise up and stop business as usual? When will they ever step up with even the most basic non-violent civil disobedience in the tradition of great civil rights struggles?
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And why exactly are a District Attorney and a cop in this video?