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UC Alum Stands For Peace and Public Funding
by Ammon Hennacy
Friday Sep 25th, 2009 12:17 AM
Chelsea Collonge graduated from the UC system 3 years ago. She continues to take a stand for peace and justice and for fair access to a UC education.

Along with other students, faculty and alumni, Chelsea Collonge (UC Berkeley Peace Studies grad--2006) believes that the regents need to put more emphasis on access to the UC system, and stop two ethical blunders:
1) leadership in nuclear weapons
2) increasing difficulties for poor folks to enter or stay in the student body

Chelsea's friends from Ohio came to support the general strike today. Her new spouse, a graduate of the CSU system also came to rally and demonstrate for peace and equity in the "public" universities of California. The local raging grannies also sang a tune today about the stupidity of the blunders in the UC system.