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Gabe Meyers Sentenced to 30 Days for Throwing Red Paint on BART GM Dorothy Dugger
by Justice for Oscar!
Sunday Sep 6th, 2009 9:13 PM
Gabriel Meyers, the BART protestor who splattered red paint at an April BART Board meeting, was back in court on Friday, September 4th, and plead no contest to one count of disrupting a public meeting and sentenced to 30 days in jail (which he can do in a Sheriff's Alternative Work Program if he chooses), 3 years probation, a $188 fine, 26 weeks of anger management and ordered to pay restitution to BART.

Meyers was originally facing 3 counts of battery and vandalism in addition to disrupting a public meeting. He could of technically faced up to three years in prison if he was convicted. The presiding judge went over the objection of the prosecutor in allowing Meyers to plead to the lesser charge of distrupting a public meeting. The Alameda District Attorney's Office had originally offered Meyers a plea bargain in July of pleading guilty to one count of battery and one count of vandalism for the same sentence. Meyers has become the first Oscar Grant protestor to be found guilty of any crime and also to be sentenced.