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East Bay | Police State and Prisons

Man tasered by Oakland police at A's game on video
by ban tasers now
Thursday Aug 6th, 2009 6:56 PM
Raw video,August 04/09:Oakland.TEXT FROM SOURCE:Even though the guy shows his ticket, I don't think that's his seat. He came over a little earlier, super drunk. He wasn't angry really, just obnoxious - hollering and making a scene. He was downing all these little bottles of vodka, and started harassing the kids behind him. A's security came to check him out when he started yelling profanities.
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as_game_taser_oakland-police_aug4-2009.mpg (13.9MB)

When security told him to cool it, he got really belligerent. Started using racial epithets at the guards, etc. They told him to leave. He refused. They called in the cops. You see the rest of it.

Whether or not the tazing was necessary/appropriate, people will certainly disagree. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that this guy had no intention of leaving calmly on his own.

Other things to look out for....

1. 1:25 - another fan accidentally gets pushed down
2. 1:42 - a foul ball lands in the vicinity.

-- video and notes by jdischord