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The Measure K Oversight Committe Meeting of June 15, 2009
Tuesday Jun 16th, 2009 5:04 PM
This is the entire, unedited video of the Measure K Oversight Committee Meeting held at Santa Cruz, CA City Council Chambers on June 15, 2009.
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measurek_6-15-09.wmv (83.0MB)

Of particular concern:
1) The Measure K Oversight Committee is being denied substantive and detailed police documentation relating to citations/arrests involving marijuana, based on one or more Public Records Act restrictions according to Deputy City Attorney, Celestial S.D. Cassman.
2) The Measure K Oversight Committee is limited to two meetings per calendar year, once in June, and once in December.
3) An agenda item slated for discussion at the December 2009 Measure K meeting as initiated by Committee Member Jim King, puts forth the proposal that even fewer meetings than the current 2 per year be scheduled in the future.
4) Minutes of the meeting are not made available to Committee Members until roughly a week before the next meeting...That's approximately 5 months and 3 weeks later.
5) There is/was no Santa Cruz Police Department liaison (representative) present.