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Iran: End Violence Against Peaceful Protests
by via HRW
Tuesday Jun 16th, 2009 7:43 AM
(New York) - The Iranian government should immediately end its violent repression of largely peaceful nationwide protests following presidential elections on June 12, 2009, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and Human Rights Watch said today.
The two human rights organizations said that state security forces used excessive force, including live ammunition, against demonstrators in urban centers across the country, including in Tehran, Tabriz, Mashad, and Rasht. At least one protester was killed in Shiraz and another one killed in Tehran. The security forces reportedly used plastic bullets, with possible fatalities, against protesters on university campuses in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. According to unconfirmed reports by student-run websites, two female and three male students died in Tehran - Mobina Ehterami, Fatemeh Barati, Kasra Sharafi, Kambiz Shojaii, and Mohsen Imani.

"Iran's government has a duty to uphold the rights of citizens to peacefully protest," said Hadi Ghaemi, coordinator of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. "Instead, the authorities are using violence to crack down on the demonstrations."

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