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Town Hall for Justice on Victory of Murder Charge for Mehserle, Oakland, 6/6/09: audio
by dave id
Saturday Jun 13th, 2009 10:11 PM
Despite the best effort of Johannes Mehserle's defense team and the dishonest testimony of his fellow BART police officers, Judge Don Clay declared at the conclusion of the preliminary hearing on June 4th that Mehserle will indeed stand trial for the murder of Oscar Grant III. At the June 6th Town Hall for Justice for Oscar Grant, Minister Keith Muhammad, Oakland City Councilmember Desley Brooks, and Oscar Grant's uncle Cephus Johnson spoke about the preliminary hearing, the disturbing lies told by the BART officers present on the platform the night Oscar Grant was murdered, and their relief that an important step toward justice has been achieved as a trial will move forward.

After an opening prayer by Reverend Daniel Buford, Minister Keith Muhammad addresses the testimony from the hearing, issues with the Deputies providing security in the court room, and the early steps in the DA Orloff recall effort in the audio here:
(audio 1:13:59)

Murder Charge Sticks for Johannes Mehserle

Family of Oscar Grant Celebrates Victory, Mehserle to Face Murder Charge, 6/4/09

Town Hall Reports from Inside Mehserle Hearing & Orloff Recall, Oakland, 5/30/09: audio

Town Hall Meetings
Every Saturday 4pm - 6pm
Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church
807 27th Ave, Oakland
§Desley Brooks, Oakland City Councilmember
by dave id Saturday Jun 13th, 2009 10:11 PM
(audio 12:46)

Desley Brooks speaks about being appalled by the lies of the BART police in the court room. She notes that the corporate media did not report the full story of what happened in the hearing. She urges the community not to rely on the corporate media but to spread the truth about the hearing themselves.
§Cephus "Uncle Bobby" Johnson, Oscar Grant's Uncle
by dave id Saturday Jun 13th, 2009 10:11 PM
(audio 8:43)

Cephus Johnson notes the lessons he has learned with the recent preliminary hearing victory.

Minister Keith Muhammad then speaks about the upcoming BART subcommittee meeting on police oversight: