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New Discoveries on The Arrest of Jesus Gutierrez
by Ronald Cruz
Friday May 8th, 2009 7:56 PM
Since the arrest Jesus Gutierrez we have discovered that the university's role in the arrest of Jesus Gutierrez is even worse than we first suspected -- the UCPD basically deputized themselves as ICE agents and acted in their place. The UCPD received information alleging that Jesus was using false papers to work at UC-Berkeley, and they took it upon themselves to arrest Jesus and charge him with identity fraud. They then called ICE. Jesus is suspected of no crime save for allegedly working using false identification. He is now currently charged with felony identity fraud, a charge that is reserved for people who use ID information to steal money. He has basically been charged as a felon by UCPD simply because they suspect he is undocumented. This is precisely what the walkouts and marches in spring 2006 rejected in defeating HR 4437. UC-Berkeley is treating its own workers as felons.

Jesus is now currently in ICE custody, for ICE has now put a hold on him as he sits in Santa Rita Jail.

There is a strong likelihood this is an effort by UC-Berkeley to intimidate organized labor. Jesus was a rank-and-file union activist in AFSCME Local 3299, which just had a strong one-week strike in summer 2008 and won a contract that includes language requiring ICE to contact AFSCME before arresting a worker. Surprisingly, the arrest has come from UC-Berkeley itself.

video from the march and rally for Jesus Gutierrezon Wednesday at UC Berkeley: