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Modesto Needle Exchange Busted!
by Agent Wingnut ( wingnutrefugee [at] yahoo.com )
Wednesday Apr 15th, 2009 12:27 PM
Saturday April 11th, The Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department
Cited 2 volunteers at the Modesto Needle Exchange Project (NEP).
The Sheriff deputies also arrested one of the NEP Clients for a parole violation for being around the exchange & the volunteers are charged with a misdemeanor citation (equivalent to an arrest) to appear in court . The citation was for the distribution of drug paraphernalia. Specifically "Health & Safety Code (hsc) 11364.7”(http://law.onecle.com/california/health/11364.7.html).

If anyone can help with legal assistance or offer advice, please email us (or leave comment).