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Thursday Mar 26th, 2009 6:48 PM
Cosmic Forces In Oakland Police Shootout

Cosmic Forces In Oakland Police Shootout

by Marvin X

Rudolph Lewis of Chickenbones.com asked me for more information on Brother Mixon, the alleged killer of three Oakland police. I knew from news accounts the exact location of the shooting, 73rd and MacArthur, around the corner from the police precinct at the Eastmont Mall. I know the area as the result of dropping rapper Askari X off on several occasions, it is the Ansar Muhammad territory, a Muslim sect. While many youth, especially inmates from the California Department of Corrections, are five percenters, there is another sect called the Ansar Muhammad or Helpers of Muhammad. They study the Supreme Wisdom teachings Master Fard Muhammad taught to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as interpreted by their founder, Master J. The Ansar are numerous in the Bay Area, although they are not easily recognizable except for their youthfulness, unless one hears their ritual language in praise of Allah and their Master teacher. Their most well known devotee is rapper Askari X.

These facts may have meaning for the shooting because it happened in their territory which is merely a block long but a stronghold as significant as the Hamas controlled Gaza strip. No one would come on that block and find refuge unless he was a member of the Ansar Muhammad sect. The fact that Mixon took refuse in an apartment in that territory is clearly of significance.

Even the call made to police to indicate his location was possibly not a snitch but a set up for the police to fall into his trap. After all, he had killed two officers on the street, so he knew death was his calling to Paradise. If he was indeed a member of the Ansar Muhammad, he was prepared to die by taking four devils with him, which according to the lessons, would earn him a free trip to Mecca or instant Paradise. In short, it is possible he was a Death Angel and had no fear of dying. On the cosmic level, Oscar Grant was killed on the European New Year's Day. Brother Mixson retaliated on the African New Year or Spring Equinox. Think about it. Whereas Oscar Grant was crucified in the Western tradition, Mixon was the crucifier or avenger in the African mythological tradition, performing the role of Horus, who avenged the killing of his father, the savior Osiris.

--Marvin X

by SETH Thursday Mar 26th, 2009 6:48 PM

Trully Yours .... SETH