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Hating Lovell and Loving Obama
by YO, NAM (reposted)
Wednesday Mar 25th, 2009 8:02 AM
People are going to demonize Lovelle Mixon for what he did. In this society’s eyes he was a rapist, a thug, a murderer, a cop killer. He was all of those things.

What Mixon wasn’t, even before he committed these brutal murders, was a human being. No one—and I mean no one—gives a fuck about the Lovelle Mixons of he world. If he died at the hands of another black man (which is the case for most murders of black men) there would have been barely a blip on the radar screen. Because he was a convicted felon—constitutionally he was a slave (read the 14th and 15th amendments carefully).
That he died, taking four cops with him, makes him an infamous legend. That legend deserves a visual treatment that forces people to think about fame, infamy, deities and demons. There are people who love Obama, but hate Black people. When you look at Obama you don’t see the Lovelle Mixons of the world. But they both are “black men.”

The issue of black on black violence, police brutality—violence in urban areas in general—was off the radar screen in the political debate this last election, even though it was the number one issue of concern for black people before the economy nosedived. The truth is, the black president can’t deal with our black problems, he has AIG and Afghanistan to wrestle with.

So, it was ironic to me that this tragedy happened even as “hope” and “change” are mantras that slid Obama into the White House.

What no one has hoped to change in at least 400 years is the idea that poor negroes in America are treated like chattel (historically by the justice system, the police and their predecessors plantation overseers and militias), but the ones society loves transcend their ethnicity and become superheroes—they are worshiped.

Wednesday Mar 25th, 2009 11:49 AM