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San Francisco | Police State and Prisons

Police Attack Tristan Solidarity Demonstrators, San Francisco, 3/16/09: video
by dave id
Tuesday Mar 17th, 2009 12:54 AM
A Solidarity with Tristan Anderson and Palestine demonstration was called for 4pm today in front of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco on Montgomery Street. Hundreds of demonstrators rallied at the consulate and then marched to the intersection of 5th and Market. After rallying at the intersection for a little while, demonstrators marched back to the Israeli Consulate. Within minutes of arriving back at the consulate just before 7pm, demonstrators were more or less milling around and chanting when one officer began to assault demonstrators who were standing near some barricades and newspaper stands. Within seconds, up to a dozen cops rushed in swinging their billy clubs wildly at anyone they could hit in the crowd -- swinging overhead, swinging to their sides, just swinging at everyone in front of them.

This video starts as demonstrators were making their way down California Street back to Montgomery Street and continues unedited through the police attack. It does not do justice to the brutality of the police action here. The human eye apparently can capture more than an old video camera.
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sfpdattackatisraeliconsulate_3-16-09.mp4 (8.6MB)

(video 3:27)

More photos and video from the demonstration at 5th and Market through the police attack in front of the Israeli Consulate will be posted later at the web address below.
§slow motion video of just the police attack
by dave id Tuesday Mar 17th, 2009 3:01 AM
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sfpdattackatisraeliconsulate-slow_3-16-09.mp4 (6.0MB)

Obviously, many cops were anxious to "get some." Look at how a sea of bald heads rushes in to attack the demonstrators. There's no way they had any idea what was going on but they all rush in and start swinging at people, even those already down. One cop, who appears to have instigated the incident, is just using his fist before he pulls out his club and swings it down on someone like he's chopping wood.

It wouldn't be hard to imagine that many if not all of the charges against demonstrators in this area were fabricated after the fact in order to justify this brutal assault.

The slow motion video here is more true to the detail the human eye captures from a scene such as this.
video of the full march from Market Street back to the Israeli Consulate can be found here: