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MAC vs RCP: It's On.
by MAC
Saturday Mar 14th, 2009 9:23 PM
Modesto Anarcho Crew own the Revolutionary Communist Party.
It was a glorious day for the Modesto Anarcho Crew here in San Francisco.

Not only did we spread loads of journals, zines, and other things around, we kicked the Revolutionary Communist Party the fuck out of our book fair. With loads of help from our Comrades, of course.

The RCP showed up early in the afternoon to sell their trash in the free area of the Book fair. They were informed that they had five minutes to leave. When the five minutes were up, Anarchists kicked their shit out. Literally. They didn't get the message, and just set up their table outside.

Sick of watching their ugly fucking faces attempt to distract potential comrades, and sick of the bastards who have done nothing for the past three months but try to coopt and control Oakland's rage, we stepped in. Armed with a bucket from Salt Lake, and inspiration from San Francisco, we drenched their table in liquid vengeance, destroying several hundred dollars' worth of dirty, filthy, Maoist Propaganda.

Later on, the fuckers tried to catch up with us; they even interrupted a discussion of destroying middle class anarchism. One individual was singled out, but we quickly backed him up. This is the difference between us and them; we have each other's backs. We win. Oh, and we're cool.

Fuck the RCP. Fuck Bob Avakian. Don't show your faces again. Be afraid. We know who you are. And we aren't taking your shit any longer. It's on.

MAC 01. RCP 00.