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East Bay | Police State and Prisons | Racial Justice

by nojusticenobart
Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 5:49 PM
Plug into the nojusticenobart campaign! DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS!

We know there are thousands of us out there that believe that DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS. If you are one of them, if you believe in this organizing, then we are asking you to get off the sidelines, and put some of your energy and time into the No Justice No Bart campaign.

NJNB is about building a strategic, militant mobilization, and hopefully reacquainting people with the direct action model for how justice is fought for and won in progressive social movements. This is a real strategy, its about disruption, creating "tension" as MLK referred to it, tension that requires resolution. Its a strategy that's been absent from more mainstreamed social movements for so long that most of this country (including the political left) has lost all familiarity with it.

NJNB is also about old-fashioned organizing. This campaign is going to rely on you and me getting the word out, by reaching out directly to people, giving them a flier, calling them on the phone, or having a face to face conversation. The media and the internet are great for organizing, but they can never take the place of those forms of contact.

So we are asking you, the readers of indybay, the radicals of the bay area, to:

MOBILIZE - Come out Thursday at 4 pm to Fruitvale. RSVP to nojusticenobart [at] gmail.com so we know how many folks yoou are bringing.

BLOW THIS UP ON THE INTERNET: Go on facebook, myspace, twitter, whatever. Send emails out to lists. Just promote the event.

JOIN US IN SOME OLD FASHIONED OUTREACH: There are two flyers attached to this post. If you can print them out, cool! If you can't email us and well deliver some to you. Use the BART "justice denied" to put all over BART and give to riders in the trains. The RIP oscar grant flyer is for people who might want to organize with NJNB (use it to start a conversation)!

Also, if you can do any of the following, please send us an email at nojusticenobart [at] gmail.com:
- Come to meetings and plan the actions and organizing strategy!
- Put us in touch with good people or organizations for us to talk to!
- Help us hookup reliable and accessible meeting space for public meetings!
- Send us comments or suggestions about our plans or strategy!
§For potential organizers
by nojusticenobart Sunday Mar 1st, 2009 5:49 PM