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Former CIA officer calls 9-11 Commission Report "a whitewash"
by al-masakin
Monday Feb 23rd, 2009 4:28 PM
Former CIA officer Michael Scheuer calls 9-11 Commission report “a whitewash” at University of Montana lecture

By Edward Campbell

Missoula, Feb. 23 (Al-Masakin)—Former CIA officer in charge of the bin Laden tracking unit and Machiavellian political theorist Michael Scheuer (pronounced “Sh-oi-er), a Catholic, speaking today at the University of Montana said that the 9-11 Commission Report is “a whitewash” designed to protect the careers of American politicians not an attempt to cover-up alleged CIA involvement in the 9-11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.

He discounted the 9-11Truth movement and said that at the level of intelligence the amount of evidence that al-Qaeda was behind the attacks is overwhelming. At the same time however, Mr. Scheuer asserted that when the 9-11 archives are eventually made public “the American people will be shocked” at the dereliction of American politicians to deal with the threat posed by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. “The 9-11 Commission Report was a whitewash designed to hide culpability,” he said.

He likewise discounted the theories that Osama bin Laden was on kidney dialysis, that bin Laden was following a form of numerology based either on the Qur’an published by assassinated Imam Rashad Khalifa who was murdered by the Al-Farooq organization at his mosque in Tucson in 1990 or upon numerology of his own design. He also did not believe that the 9-11 hoaxes generated shortly after the attacks were orchestrated by al-Qaeda itself, but that an attack of such catastrophic size easily lends

itself to conspiracy theories. He said he felt no animosity towards the movement saying that America has free speech and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but nevertheless did not feel that the 9-11 Truthers have presented anything that is very convincing. He also maintained that from an intelligence perspective we have every reason to believe that bin Laden is alive and said that through rumors about bin Laden’s alleged kidney failure the American people are “being fed a bill of goods.”

He instead placed the blame for the 9-11 terrorist attacks on American foreign policy which continues to support despotic regimes such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria and Israel. He furthermore denounced the Israeli lobby, said that America has lost the war in Afghanistan, and that America will probably never leave Iraq. “We came, we saw, and we got stuck.”

He went on to say that American foreign policy is not going to change and that President Obama’s mantra about change was about the last thing that was actually going to happen.

Mr. Scheuer praised, on the other hand, the CIA saying he very much enjoyed working for the agency. He said that the CIA is not the rogue organization that it is frequently made out to be calling such accusations made since the Church Commission “off the mark.”

Al-Masakin News Agency