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BART PR campaign: employees "clean up after protestors"
by don't believe the hype
Saturday Jan 31st, 2009 11:12 PM
check this shit! BART employees "clean up after protesters" today. they didn't just volunteer (or get paid) to help out Oakland in general, but it had to be about cleaning up after protesters. so you've got the helpful BART employees versus protesters here. and there was no "violence" last night, other than the cops beating on demonstrators, and there was nothing to clean up. the corporate media will eat up any old crap authorities shove their way.
BART employees clean up after protestors
Saturday, January 31, 2009 | 6:44 PM

OAKLAND, CA (KGO) -- More than 100 BART employees volunteered Saturday to help clean up the Oakland neighborhood vandalized by protestors this month.

Volunteers worked in the South of Broadway neighborhood, sweeping streets, pulling weeds, painting over graffiti and raking up leaves.

At least three protests against the killing of Oscar Grant turned violent including one Friday night. Demonstrators set fire to cars and dumpsters, and smashed the windows of local businesses.
by *
Sunday Feb 1st, 2009 8:58 AM
The utter stupidity of volunteering at all much less to clean up after a protest of police killing demonstrates once again that American workers are the most backward in the world, still refusing to carry out a general strike in the face of a Great Depression as disastrous as the 1930s. And that is how we end up with the existence of BART police killing us taxpayers. We do not need any police, we do not need guns and tasers. We need housing, education, free healthcare for all, all paid for with our tax dollars, and now we need an increase in the progressive income tax on the rich, those making over $200,000, just to save what we have. Let us remember what the US is: The most backward country in the industrialized world that still has no national healthcare paid for with our tax dollars, as exists in the entire industrialized world, and it still has the death penalty, abolished in Europe, most of Latin America including Mexico, South Africa, Ivory Coast and many other countries. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE WE HAVE NO LABOR MOVEMENT.
by hoppy the kangaroo
Sunday Feb 1st, 2009 10:49 AM
"More than 100 BART employees volunteered Saturday to help clean up the Oakland neighborhood vandalized by protestors this month [...] pulling weeds [...] and raking up leaves"

Were the protesters so nefarious that they planted weeds and strew leaves about the streets?

BART has been fighting reality for so long, and for so hard, that the organization has finally gone insane.