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Oakland to Privatize Suppression of the Oscar Grant Rebellion and Declare "Emergencies"
by Dellums detractor
Friday Jan 16th, 2009 12:04 AM
Blackwater anyone?!? They've been itching for a solid domestic job like this for years. Why not just give the rent-a-cops guns and let them shoot civilians like they do in Iraq? At any rate, the Chamber of Commerce is very pleased. And you thought you had seen it all when you saw police tanks, tear gas, snatch squads, the tasing of compliant detained persons, and otherwise brutalizing and arresting people of the wrong color on false charges. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Bring on expanded police power to declare emergencies and make arrests. Bring on the private "security" forces. Welcome to the police state of New Oakland. Now we know what Dellums meant when he said he wanted to make Oakland a "model" city -- pioneering new fascist alliances between corporations and state power on a local level.
The following consists of excerpts from a Chronicle report today:

Anticipating more violent protests in the coming weeks, Oakland officials said they'll hire unarmed private security guards to patrol downtown and help provide additional "eyes and ears" to police, Mayor Ron Dellums said Thursday. "Our intel tells us this is not over," Dellums said. "It's a terrific gesture and greatly appreciated," said Joe Haraburda, head of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. The city will pay for the security firm. The cost of the private security and the firm hired to provide the services have not yet been determined, Dellums said. The contract with the security firm will be for 60 to 90 days and is supposed to supplement police presence. In addition, more police will walk downtown beats, and work closely with the private security guards. The city will also establish a one-stop shop providing "immediate, real-time" communication among police, private security and merchants, Dellums said. The city is also considering ordinances that would give police more authority to declare emergencies and make arrests on private properties such as City Center, Oakland Police Chief Wayne Tucker said. They also urged residents and workers to continue shopping and dining downtown.

Yay! Let's go shopping! Don't let little things like police murders of citizens -- eight last year in Oakland alone, one thus far this year -- get in the way of commerce. Give the cops more power to abuse people and by God they will.