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East Bay | Racial Justice

Does this video put to rest myths about racial makeup of those vandalizing in Oakland?
by watcher
Thursday Jan 15th, 2009 12:10 PM
There has been a lot of talk since the "riots" of last Wednesday that those doing most of the property destruction were stereotypical white anarchists, or that naive Oakland African Americans were led by white anarchists into committing property destruction. Unfortunately, this is the angle that the corporate media has pushed and then many in the African American community with no direct knowledge believe what they hear on TV or in rumor mills. Those who were actually there know what went down on the January 7th after dark, and the group on 14th and 17th was thoroughly interracial and no one group was leading another. Last night's property destruction, as documented here, debunks that myth. Don't let the media and others stir up racial divisions as we are all pissed about the murder of Oscar Grant. It's time to unite in our rage.
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Jail for killer cops, not for those who protest police murder!