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Oscar Grant Murder Protest Legal Support Update
by Nat Smith ( nat [at] criticalresistance.org )
Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 10:16 AM
Updates on how to give support and what is happening with arrestees
Critical Resistance and the National Lawyers Guild are amassing lists of names of arrestees and trying to do visits to support folks getting released.
Please call the NLG hotline (415) 285-1011 if you know of someone who has been arrested and/or email me.
At this point, we are still creating a list of folks who were arrested, and folks are being charged with obstruction, rioting, failure to disperse, remaining at the scene of a riot and unlawful assembly. Most folks are either being held at Santa Rita jail or the Glenn Dyer County Jail. Many folks are being cited and released and are awaiting a February court date, but many are being held at Glenn Dyer for a court date tomorrow at 2pm, room 107 in the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse.
Please come to support arrestees tomorrow, and if you have the means, try to raise bail money for folks being held.
Again, if you know of someone who may have been arrested, please contact us, and if you can do legal support, please contact us as well.