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Threatened with a ticket, I continued playing at the drum circle.
by brent lucifer
Friday Dec 5th, 2008 2:10 PM
Sgt. Harms threatened to write a 15 minute parking lot ticket to me
for playing a drum. I told him the law is unconstitutional and selectively enforced, ... but go ahead.
He drove away leaving me to play for 30 minutes more.
Wednesday 3rd. Once again the fence was up. City workers erect and remove it every wednesday to prevent the 10 year tradition of
the farmer's market drum circle. Officer Harms was seen weaving his car in and out of the parking lot scaring away would-be drummers.
As cardboard sign stating that the drum circle had moved to the town clock was resting against the fence.
I find it important to defend and lay claim to this spot where we've played peacefully and incident free for so many years.
I don't agree with moving it off site... I say "resist!" The 15 minute parking lot law is an illegal unconstitutional law and is only selectively
used against the homeless and scruffy types. In fact they don't even write the ticket.. they just threaten to. They know it is a bad law and
don't want it to go before a judge.
I know because I my self climbed over the temp fence and played my barrel loudly and lovely for 1 hour. Sgt. Harms drove his patrol car
up to me and said, "What are you doing Brent?" (he's on a first name basis with me).
"Playing in the same spot where i have for many years and will continue to." said i.
"The law has changed. You can't be here for more than fifteen minutes"..
I pointed to several cars with people sitting in them.. "you selectively use the law" "its unconstitutional. If you want to write me that
bad ticket then go ahead. I'm right here."
He just drove off. I continued playing.