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Police Car Baby-sits a non-existant Farmer's Market Drum Circle
by brent lucifer adams
Wednesday Dec 3rd, 2008 1:52 PM
Police install and remove steel fence posts and temp fencing every week and now a police car with two officers
sit in the parking lot for several hours... why? To selectively enforce an unconstitutional law.
After several attempt to break up the drum circle using the unconstitutional 15 minute parking lot law, the police
last Wednesday simply just sat on the spot where drummers have gathered for 10 years. The presence of a police
car with two policemen in it sitting in the area scared the drummers away. Although many cars nearby had occupants
sitting in them for well over the 15 minute limit, the policemen did nothing to prevent that illegal activity.
The City of Santa Cruz last week cut 2.8 million dollars from its budget but still finds time and money to install and remove steel fence
posts and fencing every single week and now to have Santa Cruz's finest just sitting for several hours in a parking lot...
clearly selectively enforcing a stupid law.