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San Francisco | Police State and Prisons

San Francisco Police Begin Lock Down of Castro Area
by ntuit
Wednesday Oct 29th, 2008 12:29 AM
Once again martial law comes to the Castro District of San Francisco
There is something going on in San Francisco that is scarier than Halloween. For the second year in a row, the San Francisco Police Department will station a cop every few feet on the streets of the Castro District – to prevent people from having a party. How did it come to this oppressive show of force and martial law in a city that has billed itself as one of the nation’s most progressive? Walking through the Castro District last year on Halloween was one of the scariest. There were almost no regular citizens on the sidewalks but there were hundreds of cops patrolling nobody. It was very surreal and it really gave one a feeling of what a police state might be like.

But there are a lot of people who like all of this. It is not the San Francisco of old. Now days the city has cameras positioned around the city to watch it’s citizens. The city is represented in congress by a woman who apparently knew about secret and illegal torture carried out by the Bush Administration yet did nothing. In fact, she took impeachment off the table. I guess it didn’t matter if Bush did anything impeachable or highly illegal, Nancy Pelosi had decided that she would usurp the constitution and rule of law to make this decision on her own whim about what is best for the country. Also, Pelosi has been able to provide all of the funding Bush has requested to carry out the war in Iraq even though the American people and her own San Francisco constituents were heavily against continuing the war.

For those who don’t know – San Francisco is a city still run by the Burton machine. It’s mainly about keeping money and power in the hands of an exclusive group of people while making the city appear progressive. There are some true progressives in the city but the power still rests with a very establishment group of democratic politicians who have more to gain from maintaining the status quo on all levels of society as versus real change.

There are a lot of strange things going on in San Francisco. Open your eyes and take a look.