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Interview with Undercover Infiltrators at the March For Our Lives in St. Paul, 9/2/08: video
by dave id
Wednesday Sep 3rd, 2008 10:27 AM
Without going into all of the supersecret ways that anarchists spot undercover cops in a crowd, these two men were pointed out as infiltrators by reliable sources and then interviewed on camera. The two split up once they realized they were "made" and then one just left the march all together.

Interview conducted at the the March For Our Lives in St. Paul, September 2nd, 2008.
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infiltratorinterview_poorpeoplesmarch_9-2-08.mp4 (6.9MB)

The two would not identify themselves as police nor name their employeeing agency. Another infiltrator who was confronted by activists, and not interviewed on camera, did admit he was a cop, but he claimed he was not "undercover" but simply "plain clothes" — his purpose there being to keep the marchers safe (from themselves presumably). At least a half dozen "undercover" or "plain clothes" officers were spotted in the march, which was already lined with uniformed riot cops wearing gas masks for nearly the entire route.

March for Our Lives
Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

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