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Dispatches from the DNC
by Colorado.indymedia
Sunday Aug 24th, 2008 11:38 AM
This newswire article is composed of stories reposted at during the day before the start of the democratic national convention in Denver. The morning antiwar march starting at Civic Center park has been forecasted as one of the largest events in terms of public participation, at the start of 5 days of political response to the convention. A lot of independent and indymedia journalists will be attending the DNC and RNC, and will be contributing work, and it seems like the large volume of reports coming back could make it difficult to filter out the most important highlights. Coverage of the protest angle by local newspapers the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News has been mediocre, with many errors and a gawking focus on potential for violence by protesters. Indybay has good ranking in the news crawlers and aggregator sites, so hopefully copying material here can point a national audience to better independent reports.
Submitted photos from Saturday
Photos of Denver scenes on Saturday - fencing surrounding the convention center, delegates being searched, official media tent
film clip from Saturday
click for film link

Saturday in Denver: YIPPIES & training
Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 03:20

8 min. ~ Download iPod ~ Bandwidth Challenged
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DNC protestors prepare for the Democratic Convention. Free activist trainings and Prohibition Speak Out at Civic Center Park in Denver. Featuring Drug War Activist Dana Beal and YIPPIE Aaron "Pie Man" Kay.
the spies among us
Submitted by richardmyers on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 10:12

The welcoming party for Indymedia reporters kicked off on Saturday at 5:00 PM, upstairs at a popular Denver restaurant. About ninety minutes into the event, an individual about the size and shape of a Denver Broncos linebacker suddenly wandered through, picking up one copy each of all the literature he could spot. The normal way to pick up literature, of course, is to visit the tables where it is freely available. But this fellow had his eye on a copy of an Indymedia info packet that belonged to someone i know, which she had left on her chair with other personal items. As he reached for the packet, he noticed me watching and drew back his hand. He asked if i knew where he could get one of these. I told him he could get it by registering as an Indymedia person at the registration table (which entails showing an ID to prove one's identity). His response was, "I'm not with Indymedia." My curiosity was immediately aroused; why is a non-Indymedia person at an Indymedia event, seeking one each of Indymedia literature and any other documents that he can scrounge?

I started considering his dress; he looked like a motorcycle tough, and although his appearance would have been convincing at any local biker bar, he didn't seem at all typical of the Indymedia crowd.

I watched him as he walked next to the registration table. He grabbed some flyers and stuffed them into his back pocket. I started unpacking my camera, but he suddenly disappeared down the steps. I followed, but he was nowhere to be seen. From the moment i noticed him to his abrupt disappearance took less than a minute.
DNC Counter-Convention Highlights
Sun. (8/24)
Theme: End the Occupation Day

*** Always check the website of the group organizing the event to confirm event status. ***

Click here for a Printable PDF file:

9:00 am
End the Occupation Rally
West Steps of State Capitol
200 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO
Speakers include: Cindy Sheehan, Kathleen Cleaver, Ward Churchill, Fred
Hampton Jr., Ron Kovic, Cynthia McKinney, many more
Music: David Rovic - State Capitol Steps, kicking off the rally
M1 and of Dead Prez - State Capitol Steps, prior to the march
Blue Scholars - Concert at State Capitol, after the march
Jim Page - State Capitol Steps, during the rally

11:00am - 1:00 pm
End the Occupation March
You don't want to miss this march!
Begin: West Steps of State Capitol
200 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO
End: Pepsi Center

2:00 pm
Funk The War March
1 pm - Funky Snake Marches
2 pm - Union Station
When we show up on the 16th St Mall, there'll be no doubts as to why we are
there. We recognize that people's ways of resisting are diverse, and we
encourage a multiplicity of creative expressions of resistance
(particularly those of a funky variety). The Funk begins in 4 different
locations and ends at Union Station at 2pm.

Unconventional Action Blocks Streets Around 16th Street Mall
When the signal is given we will emerge onto the streets of downtown in an
explosion of color and noise. Bring instruments, noise makers, boom boxes, and bicycle sound systems in order to fill the streets with the sound of our resistance and don’t forget to dress to impress! We will be experimenting with creative tactics for temporarily holding streets and
intersections as we carve out space for our party so bring ideas, tools, and materials that can help make this action a success.

All day
Downtown Festival of Democracy
Lincoln Park, between Civic Center and the State Capitol (Home of the Veterans Memorial)
100 East Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

All day
Tent State University
Cuernavaca Park
20th Street and I25 along the S. Platte River

All day
Progressive Democrats of America Headquarters
Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman St, Denver, CO

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Green Frontier Fest
Sponsored by the City and County of Denver and Redirect Guide
Location: Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex Intersection
of Speer Boulevard and Champa Street.

3:00 pm- 8:00 pm
Guantanamo Cell Tour
Cuernavaca Park
Sponsored by Amnesty International

4:00 pm
Denver CopWatch training
Lincoln Park, 14th & Lincoln
More info: denvercopwatch07 [at]

7:00 pm
Protest at AT&T and the Blue Dog Democrats Party
"They Spy, They Lie, We Pay, They Profit!"
AT&T Thanks the Democrats for handing them FISA and retroactive immunity on
a silver platter.
Location: Mile High Station, 2027 West Colfax Ave
Just southeast of Invesco Field, under the main Colfax overpass

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
No Attack on Iran hosted by World Can’t Wait
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater
119 Park Avenue West, Denver 5 Points
Tickets and Info: (303) 295-1759
Speakers: Ron Kovic, Cindy Sheehan, Sunsara Taylor, Cynthia McKinney,
Jeremy Scahill, Iraq Veterans Against the War National Board member Phil
Aliff & special guests, in opposition to a US war on Iran

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Progressive Welcome to Denver
Progressive Democrats of America
Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman St, Denver, CO
Community, speeches, and music. Hosted by Mimi Kennedy, PDA Advisory Board
Chair. Featuring Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Co-chair of the Congressional
Progressive Caucus (CPC) and PDA Advisory Board member; John Nichols,
Washington correspondent, The Nation; Tom Hayden, author, activist; Jim
Zogby, Arab American Institute and DNC member; Jim Hightower, journalist
and PDA Advisory Board member: PDA-endorsed Healthcare NOT Warfare
candidate Joan Fitz-Gerald. Music by Dan Reed. Suggested donation: $15.00

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by colo.indy
Sunday Aug 24th, 2008 4:17 PM
Submitted by Couch Potato Re... on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 15:59

Reports have been coming in throughout the day that speakers, medics, and other activists are being aggressively harassed by corporate media attempting to cover the protests against the Democratic National Convention. While many reporters verbally harass demonstrators, several have been reported to physically confront them.

At the morning Anti-War Protest, a Fox News Reporter wormed his way towards Ward Churchhill. When Churchill declined to speak with him and Colorado AIM security confronted the corporate journalist, the crowd surrounded the Fox News reporter demanding to know why his organization did such a terrible job covering the War, presenting accurate news, and living up to their claims of being "Fair and Balanced."

Later in the day, Street Medic Zoe Williams reports being aggressively confronted by a Clear Channel Journalists.

by Rocky Mountain News
Sunday Aug 24th, 2008 5:04 PM
(Hopefully a better report is filed on this incident later)
STATE CAPITOL - Security at an anti-war rally outside the state Capitol this morning allegedly had to break up a confrontation between a Fox News reporter and Ward Churchill, a former University of Colorado professor who caused an uproar when he called victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks "little Eichmanns."

Churchill, who was thrust into the national spotlight after writing a controversial essay in which he compared the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks to Nazi bureaucrat Adolf Eichmann, was hounded by the persistent reporter, who allegedly put his hands on Churchill, organizer Glenn Spagnuolo said.

The reporter, Griff Jenkins, could not be immediately reached for comment.

In video footage of the incident, demonstrators surrounded Jenkins after the alleged confrontation between the reporter and Churchill.

"We're not going to stand for your lies," a demonstrator yells.

Spagnuolo said the reporter put his hands on Churchill.

The reporter "decided he wanted to be part of the news instead of reporting the news and wanted to mix it up with Ward Churchill for some reason," Spagnuolo said.

Spagnuolo said the reporter got out of hand.

"Our security pushed him away from (Churchill) because nobody touches Ward while he's here," Spagnuolo said. "As soon as he put his hands on him, security moved him away."
by Youtube
Sunday Aug 24th, 2008 7:15 PM
here, a mix of people near the Fox News reporter who was aggressively pushing his way into protesters asking baiting questions is surrounded by people trying to get their 9-11 Truth message onto TV.
by colo.indy
Sunday Aug 24th, 2008 7:56 PM

Submitted by unconventionaldenver on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 20:43

This is the tale of how anarchists and other dissidents took and held the streets for nearly three hours this Sunday, preceding the Democratic National Convention. Just about everyone I've talked to has pegged it as wildly successful. We suffered one arrest, a 12 yr old boy! The police really showed their true colors with that. Legal is working to make sure he's taken care of. If anyone has more on how to help him out, please post it to indymedia.

Allin all though, the march inspired demonstrators, defied the cops and brought in new folks off the street and ended in a totally impromptu second wind through downtown. We've shown the City of Denver that we won't be intimidated by their police and that the real party (and change) comes from the streets, it won't be found hiding behind the barricades of the cops.

I was walking briskly down 17th street, heading to Union Station where the Funk the War Party was converging. I had misjudged the distance and was trying to quickly get to the party. All along side me were armored trucks with riot police hanging off the sides, officers marching northward equipped with pepper ball rifles and plastic handcuffs, and dozens upon dozens of unmarked vans, black SUVs and sheriff cars representing all the nearby police municipalities. Needless to say, the city was definitely flexing its $50 million security budget.

Walking with a few friends to the action, I honestly couldn't imagine actually having fun. The police presence was effectively intimidating and a strange hush held in the air, even on the somewhat bustling 16th street pedestrian mall.

When we joined up with the march people were still on the sidewalk. The police were heavily following the procession and folks not interested in continuing the party were pettering out. While there was some music playing from a single sound system, the action was a far cry from the festive dance party being called for. People, myself included, were anxiously waiting to see how things would turn out.

Suddenly, the disguised sound systems cranked on and the Imperial March was blaring through speakers. Orange flags lead the march into the streets of 16th and the anxiety was broken. People started dancing to the follow up pop song and soon some raucous chants broke out.

We had taken the streets and the police had acquiesced. The party snaked through downtown, picking up momentum and energy. We would pass at an intersection to bust some moves in the streets and continue on.

The action would ebb and flow- moving from more somber marching through the streets, pick up into a spirited chant and flow through with us hugging our comrades and waving at the onlookers. A lot of folks looked excited to see the action going down, even if they weren't sure if they should align themselves with the anticapitalists. I think the simple fact that we were holding ourselves high in a fun and assertive way, gained a lot of approval in a previous situation of extreme tenseness of the police state.

The whole feel of the city was transforming. I felt like anything was possible. The power was no longer in the hands of the hundreds officers marching along, but instead with the people in the streets- jumping and dancing as the awkward police lines struggle to catch up.

We ended up reaching our destination at Civic Center Park where a bizarre bonanza of Obama paraphenalia and free handouts of really bad energy-laden water was being distributed. Again, there were quite a few smiles amongst the mostly silent and perplexed Democrats. We snaked through the booths of Obama t-shirts and Allstate table, ending up at Broadway, where danced, clapped and shouted some more. The force of the crowd was palpable and as the police attempted to slowly move in, the mass of revelers quickly spread out, again determinedly taking our stance.

As the music was blaring on Broadway, some people started to spread the party outward onto Lincoln Park. Somewhere during that time a young boy, who looked to me to be 11 or 12 was nabbed by the police. I didn't see how it happened or what provoked it, but I saw him being held with his arms behind his back by two officers. The kid was obviously scared and despite us vigorously shouting "Let Him Go!!" He was carted off.

I wish I knew more about his situation, but all I know is that the Legal Team is taking care of it. This all happened with the Democrats silently looking on from the other side of Broadway- a telling visual of the kind of change they represent as they cynically call for people to "join the movement." What kind of movement is fortified by a police state that hauls of 12 year olds?

The crowd eventually shifted across Lincoln Park to Lincoln Street, directly in front of the Capitol. The mood relaxed a bit as people knew we had won. We had made it back to the park and were going to be given sanctuary. A lot of people still stayed in the street to continue singing and dancing. Folks sat down at the parks to chat and look on. A lot of new folks had been pulled in at this point. I overheard a really genuine, spirited and respectful discussion happening between two women- one an Obama enthusiast and the other anarchist. It was exciting to see folks exchanging ideas in a nonconfrontational way.

Then at some point the mass spontaneouly decided they weren't done- it was time to bring the party back to 16th street. So, without much real direction the demonstrators snaked back down the streets to weave through the downtown shopping district.

This contingent, though still with a strong anarchist presence, had brought a lot of new folks into the fold, many of them the most jubilant and passionate, with people I'd never seen before shouting chants at the top of their lungs atop newspaper stands. I saw a few different moms with their children marching along, as well as some local youth. Again, a lot of the onlookers were clapping along (though still a lot of perplexity was to be had).

I started to get the feeling that the directionless of the march was going to lead to some trouble and started consulting my affinity group. We decided, since all of us were nonarrestable and had already pushed things much more than we ever anticipated, that we would duck out quietly.

It was at that point however, that the march hit a police line, double backed and was then fenced in on both ends of the street. Some folks eating at the few cafes were stuck in the middle, but the police refused to break their lines. Us, along with some other folks, saw people slipping through an office building. A super friendly guy was directing people through a back exit that lead to an alley. We slipped through and joined back up with the shoppers, protesters and delegates.

After following up, we've been told no one was arrested and that people were able to fan out.

The action was a resounding success in my opinion. After entering my beloved city fearing for my life, I left it feeling the power of people coming together to make real their desires. I know this account is a bit over the top and there are definite elements that could have been stronger, but I just can't discount the high that so many people were feeling. We made our presence known, we confronted the police state with joy, humor and lawlessness and people in Denver are excited for the rest of the week. This shit is gonna be hot.
by medley of youtube
Sunday Aug 24th, 2008 8:43 PM
Ron Kovic and jeering police by freedom cage/Pepsi center

funny attempt of police to drive Reclaim the Streets away at 4:20

March stopping to block broadway
black bloc chanting

This shows the antiwar march. I have no idea why the videographer is calling this a riot. Nothing of the sort occurred or is shown. Maybe that is why her name is Hoax?:
video of people photographing police at mall.

media surrounding the media contact of Recreate 68

police at reclaim the streets

short clip of chanting during antiwar march

This is the