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Justice Has Its Windows Smashed
by uncontrollables
Friday Jun 13th, 2008 4:29 PM
Shortly after midnight on Friday the 13th of June, the Santa Cruz County Courthouse experienced not bad luck, but a deliberate act of revolt. Inspired by recent actions in the area and the struggles of others around the world, river rocks were thrown through two plate glass windows. The breaking of windows was a moment of sheer joy for us. We'd like to dedicate them to every prisoner and detainee who has been forced to undergo the dehumanizing farce of cold Justice, but especially to these specific comrades:
Eric McDavid, currently in Fresno County Jail, recently sentenced to nearly 20 years imprisonment for a "conspiracy" that never carried out any actions. Daring to trust (in the wrong people, in Eric's case) and discuss the possibility of acting is one of the greatest crimes of all in this day and age. May we all commit such crimes, and realize them as well.

Marie Mason, the latest target of the Fed's "Green Scare," accused of ELF arsons against the University of Michigan's genetic engineering program. The government may have captured one brave person and attempted to isolate her, but there are innumerable people who are willing to strike in solidarity with people they've never met.

Daniel McGowan, just transfered to Columbia County Jail in Portage Wisconsin, possibly facing a grand jury subpoena. He had the courage to take a plea bargain for ELF arsons he committed without snitching on those he acted with, and surely will continue to maintain his integrity. We honor Sadie, Exile, and Jonathan Paul as well for remaining silent as well in the Operation Backfire case.

Leonard Peltier, indigenous warrior framed for the 1975 killing of two FBI Agents who invaded in Oglala territory, serving two life sentences in prison. Despite widespread demand for his freedom, the United States persists in keeping this prisoner of war behind bars. His lawyers have again appealed his case in the Eighth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

John Graham, indigenous land defender from the Yukon facing "South Dakota Justice for Indians" (aka lynch mob) this September for the 1975 murder of fellow warrior Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, which the FBI originally tried to cover up. Anna Mae's death occured in the context of over 76 Government-sanctioned murders on Pine Ridge Reservation in the span of three years (1973 to 1976), as well as the FBI's intensive COINTEL (counter-intelligence) Program designed to destroy native resistance. The prosecution of John Graham now is a continuation of the colonialist governments of Canada and the US attempting to turn native people against one another and accept colonial rule.

Mohawk warriors of Tyendinaga and Six Nations who have fought for their sovereignty, and after going through numerous trials in the colonial Canadian courts being have recently been served another 12 arrest warrants.

Rioters in Olympia Washington, facing lengthy jail time for throwing rocks through bank windows on May Day.

Lukas Winkler, Stephanie Trager, and Sven Maurer: squatters in Munich sentenced to 5 years imprisonment each for throwing rocks at cops to defend their home, convicted by the German State of the absurd charge of "attempted murder."

Isa, Farid, Damien, Bruno and Ivan of France, accused of "possessing explosives" (smoke bombs) and "criminal association with terrorist ends." Smoke bombs and fireworks have been set off throughout France in revolutionary solidarity with these comrades captured by the French State, continuing and expanding their struggle against all prisons and detention centers.

And lastly, but not least, for you reading this text, and for every rebel who may one day be imprisoned for the crime of freedom. May every courthouse window be smashed, every prison wall broken. May all of us then run free.

solidarity in revolt,