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Hospital Security Officers Launch Statewide Strike To Protest Unfair Labor Practices
by via the SEIU
Tuesday May 6th, 2008 8:01 AM
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 : Oakland, Calif.—Hundreds of security officers responsible for protecting patients and staff at Kaiser medical facilities throughout the state launched an unprecedented three-day strike today to protest unfair labor practices by employer Inter-Con Security.
The strike, which runs May 6-8, follows numerous complaints to the National Labor Relations Board in recent weeks about Inter-Con’s repeated use of heavy-handed tactics to prevent officers from forming a union. The complaints cited Inter-Con’s use of spying, threats, intimidation and retaliation against officers.

“It’s clear that Inter-Con has repeatedly committed unfair labor practices in violation of the law,” said Orrin Baird, Associate General Counsel for SEIU. “That’s the whole basis of this strike—workers’ civil rights have been violated.”

Dozens of security officers gathered outside the Kaiser Oakland Medical Center and the Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center early Tuesday morning to launch the strike, with dozens more officers conducting similar three-day walk-outs at 15 Kaiser medical facilities throughout Northern and Central California from Modesto to Santa Rosa.

Hundreds of security officers in Southern California will join the strike for one day on Thursday, May 8, with protests scheduled at nine Kaiser medical facilities in Los Angeles, San Fernando and Anaheim.

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by Sincere Questioner
Wednesday May 7th, 2008 12:51 PM
If these security guards do successfully unionize when they pledge to honor ALL Hospital Union's picketlines ? If they would, for example , escort scab nurses across a CNA picket line they would be strikebreakers themselves , not fellow workers ! Will SEIU fight for contract language that would allow them not to act against other unions ?
i would only support a organizing drive for ''security officers '' if they agreed to never be used as strilke breakers and would cease and desist their often thuggish behavior towards patients in emergency rooms ,especially those serving poor and lower working class people .