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Rally to Support Oakland Clinic Access!
by Lauren
Monday Dec 3rd, 2007 9:14 AM
Anti-choice "protesters" have been harassing, intimidating, threatening, and blocking patients, friends, family, and staff of reproductive health clinics for too many years. Now, the City of Oakland and East Bay clinics are uniting to support and ordinance protecting safe and unresticted access to clinics. Don't let the antis trample women's and human's rights any longer--come to the rally, show your support for safe access to legal and necessary health care.
Help stop antis from preventing safe and legal access to reproductive health care! Antis in Oakland have been blocking access to reproductive health clinics for too long: threatening and chasing patients, friends, family, doctors, and staff, and we're trying to pass an ordinance to help keep access safe and unrestricted.

Come to the rally at 5 p.m., bring bullhorns and drums, posters and signs, to show your support for this very important ordinance. We will then march into the city council meeting at six to show the council just how many people support this ordinance.

If you can't make the rally or meeting, show your support for the Oakland Buffer Ordinance agenda item 10.24-CC online at:

E-mail Lauren for more info or to confirm your attendance:
laurenandrainier [at] yahoo.com

Thanks, and in solidarity,