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Sun Nov 4 2007 San Francisco Rally to Free the Jena 6
November 7th Rallies Around the Country to Free the Jena 6 In October, the judge who had originally presided over Mychal Bell's conviction sent him back to jail for 18 months for "violating probabation" from an earlier conviction. The precise violation was his arrest in the Jena 6 incident. While the racists who started this cycle of events continue to walk free, the Jena 6 are still facing long prison sentences.

On Wednesday, November 7th, the growing movement to free the Jena 6 will face a challenge. On that day, four of the Six -- Theodore Shaw, Robert Bailey, Bryan Purvis, and Mychal Bell -- are expected in court for pre-trial hearings. The ANSWER Coalition is calling on all progressive and anti-racist forces to come together for rallies in front of local courthouses across the country with the demand to free the Jena 6, and drop all the charges. Demonstrations will take place in locations such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, and other cities. In San Francisco, supporters of the Jena 6 will gather on Wednesday at 5:00pm for a rally outside of the Federal Courthouse at 7th and Mission Streets. There will also be a teach-in about the Jena Six on Saturday, November 10th at Evergreen Valley College.

On September 20th, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Jena, Louisiana and in other cities around the country to demand the complete freedom of the Jena 6, and the release of Mychal Bell. A week later, after 10 months in prison, Bell was granted bail and released. Shortly afterwards, the Louisiana judge who had originally convicted Bell ordered him back into custody.

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