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Funeral For Gary King Jr. 10/2
by Anon
Saturday Sep 29th, 2007 11:51 AM
Please see below for funeral information and upcoming events to protest the murder of Gary King Jr.
Please circulate widely:
The funeral for Gary King Jr., who was killed by a policeman in North
Oakland on September 20th, will be held this Tuesday October 2nd at
11:00am at Bebee Church, 3900 Telegraph Ave in Oakland. The funeral is
open to the public and the community is asked to turn to show their
support. The following day, Wednesday, October 3rd, there will be a march
on the police station where Sgt. Gonzales, who killed Gary King, is
currently still on duty. More details about time and location TBA. On
Thursday, October 4th (and every upcoming Thursday) there will be
demonstration at 12 noon on the steps of Oakland City Hall (Frank Ogawa
Plaza- 14th & Clay Sts.) to express outrage at Gary's murder. Please come
out and show your support!