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Tue Jul 24 2007 Voters used old-fashioned red phone booth for 'call-in' to Congress to end the War
Through most of this week (July 23rd-26th) voters in all of California's Congressional districts will be picking up their phones, dialing 202-224-3121 and asking their Congressional representatives to end the war on Iraq and bring all the troops home.

While voters are calling Congress this week to "end the war," those in Sacramento used a strategically placed, near-antique red phone booth to make their calls from the Farmers Market Tuesday from 11am to 1pm at 16th & P Streets, according to Peace Action.

The statewide call-in is being organized through a coordinated effort of dozens of peace organizations across the entire state of California, including Chico, Sacramento, Modesto, San Francisco, Orange County and other areas, where volunteers will be taking cells phones and even phone booths into the streets to get the public to call.

"Congress is still paying lip service to ending the war," said Maggie Coulter, a Sacramento organizer, "The House just passed HR 2956 that would leave thousands of troops and all the private military contractors in Iraq and do nothing about ending the war on Afghanistan. Congress is still clinging to our dismally failed Middle East foreign policy which won't end either of these wars."

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