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San Francisco | Police State and Prisons

Josh Wolf's unedited video
by Ilse
Tuesday Apr 3rd, 2007 12:27 PM
In addition to promising to release his tape to the prosecutors, Josh Wolf has published his unedited July 8, 2005 video at his website at Joshwolf.net
He left a statement saying that the public will now be able to see that his tape shows no federal-level illegal activity. Given how much Josh has suffered for this night, it is a worthwhile move.
As a minor aside, a few of us were not happy to be seen in the background of the professionally edited short film Wolf made during this demonstration. Given how the evening ended, participants had no means of foreknowing how the protest would proceed later on. But this is very insignificant compared to the tremendous injustice of the violation of Wolf's first amendment rights, the manner in which the police car almost ran over several demonstrators carrying signs (especially the dragging of Gabriel Meyers through the court system on unsupportable felony charges), and the dishonesty involved in carrying this case to the federal level when many witnesses and a number of additional videotapes clearly showed that there was no attempt to destroy the locally funded police car.