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Who will introduce American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals to win terror war
by Dwayne Hunn ( dwayne [at] dwaynehunn.biz )
Sunday Mar 11th, 2007 5:01 PM
Who will be the: Congressional Representative farsighted enough to introduce the Peoples Lobby’s citizen-initiated American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals. so that we start immediately disassembling terror cells and winning hearts and minds? Senator with the vision and eloquence, so that the world sees a smarter American policy clearly ending bloodshed and laying the foundation for a global Marshall Plan?

Which Congressional Representatives will introduce the American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals to win the terror war?

Read Peoples Lobby’s citizen-initiated American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals and see if you don’t agree with the supermajority of Americans who hear of and want them implemented. Then tell (866-220-0044) and write your Congressperson and Senators that you want them to introduce the proposals now.

Why do it now? Because each passing hour today’s world, littered with weapons of mass destruction and growing illogical hatreds, becomes much more dangerous for you and your loved ones. We need to deploy quickly a peaceful, productive army of a million AWSC volunteers to build a better, more stable world.

Imagine a world where…
• When opponents to withdrawing from Iraq ask, “Where is your plan to win the War Against Terror?” America is able to say, “We are sending a million American World Service Corps (AWSC) volunteers to win hearts and minds that will deplete the ranks of the terrorist grown over the last six years.”
• Platoons of AWSC stability building volunteers are welcomed in 200 hundred nations.
• Buying into the news from the General Electric, Viacom, Disney, Murdock networks is cross checked by hearing from a million working AWSC volunteers, whose trusted work gives us the true grassroots view of the world.
• The day after a stateside or international manmade or natural disaster thousands of American are already trained and ready to begin rebuilding lives, schools, homes, etc., irregardless of a feeble FEMA.
• Instead of just the military’s ads asking Americans to join good teams where you can be all that you can be… Americans are also joining other skill building teams where they are doing and being all that they can be.
• Teachers burdened with large class sizes have AmeriCorps, Teachercorps, and Headstart volunteers helping them give more one-on-one learning and tutoring opportunities for their students.
• Retirement communities have a regular contingent of volunteers who come to share with, learn from, and do with whatever our increasingly aging population wants.
• An influx of full-time AWSC candy strippers helps lighten the load on overburdened nurses in our taxed hospital wards.
• So many American families and friends of AWSC volunteers check AWSC web sites to see how much low and non-tax paying mega-corporations, the Forbes Richest, and corporate and philanthropic foundations are donating to underwrite the cost of their sons and daughters serving.

Imagine how…
• Different, insightful, and accurate will be the worldview of the rich dynasty born kid who chooses to serve in the backwoods of Appalachia, slums of South Bronx, or meager villages of Africa.
• Enlarged the worldview of the volunteer from Redneck, Arkansas, Ghettoville, New York, Nowhere, Montana will be after he has served on teams working to improve life in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, or American communities.
• Much smarter volunteers, along with their influenced, non-serving families and friends, will be in their elective and public policy choices, as well as in how they use time and energy in their communities.
• Those who merely mouth “volunteerism” as the answer to most needs are now forced to put up or shut up -- implement a cost effective program that deploys a million peaceful, productive American volunteers to truly address needs, not just advertise volunteer web sites to cure the world’s increasingly pressing needs.
• We can begin redrawing the bloody, hellish Ugly American image around which much of the world has begun to frame their public and private policies in recent years.
• The political leaders and parties that lead on implementing the AWSC will gain followers, grow in stature, and have nothing to lose.
• America’s poor communities will benefit by having more Habitat homes built, more Americorps recycling and appropriate technology projects, more Headstart and Teachercorps teachers helping even out the educational race.
• America’s poor and middle classes will find another opportunity to pay for their college or vocational educations by “earning” it via service, which neo-cons applaud and working Americans are willing and anxious to do.
• After millions have served in the AWSC, today’s dominant corporate, war-psyche will be replaced by a peaceful, productive, admired character brought back to America from the lessons AWSC volunteers have learned in the classroom of the world.
• Amputations and post traumatic stress disorders will be replaced with simple reverse culture shock.

The AWSC proposals:
• Are balanced pieces of legislation that affect a myriad of concerns, issues, and needs that right, left, and middle want addressed.
• Cost effectively address those needs while focusing America’s attention on fairly paying for the deployment of a million peaceful, productive volunteers.
• Give an emphatic American imprint and boost to resolutions such as Congresswoman Woolsey’s SMART Resolution. SMART, war ending, and redeployment resolutions need the AWSC because the AWSC dramatically strengthens those resolutions by deploying the peaceful nation building army that achieves such verbal goals as “relies on United States diplomacy … prevent(s) and Resolve(s) violent conflict and… supports civil society programs…” When implemented, Peoples Lobby’s citizen-initiated American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals will be among the most significant legislation passed in decades. http://www.WorldServiceCorps.us
by Luci
Sunday Mar 11th, 2007 5:17 PM
are you going to find a million world service corps volunteers?

and your posts always seem really cultish. Who are you guys, really? What religious group are you a front for, and/or who is your leader/inspiration?
by Dwayne Hunn
Thursday Mar 22nd, 2007 4:26 PM
No cult.. Inspired by a guy who has served in peace corps, Habitat, California cosnervation Corps... Hve you with the question served? Have you read the incentives to get a million to serve annually?