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The Real Truth Behind the Berkeley Honda Workers Resolution
by Mark Hernandez
Sunday Oct 22nd, 2006 3:23 AM
Want the truth? Read on and learn about democratic process...
I was recently made aware of the post regarding my alleged actions about the
Berkeley Honda Workers strike, and I must say that it varies widely against my
recollection of events.

I represent the Central Valley of California and, to be quite blunt, knew nothing
about the Berkeley Honda Workers strike.

So when a resolution came up in the KPFA Local Station Board "consent calendar",
I objected to it.

Why? Because I did not wish to disrespect any labor action by treating it as
trivial or unimportant.

The "consent calendar" is where a group places mundane, trivial or "no-brainer"
items; most governing bodies (city councils, boards of supervisors, non-profit
groups) use the "consent calendar" to avoid wasting time on such matters.

Prior to this, and following this, the KPFA LSB has had open discussions on the
issues of Haiti, of the poor governance at sister Pacifica station WBAI, on the
situation in New Orleans, and several others, where people got to make
presentations, speak out, and inform the audience present and on the internet of
the issues involved.

So why was the Berkeley Honda Workers strike resolution presented in a way
that nothing could or would be said?

Since I didn't know anything about the issues, I objected to it being on the
consent calendar. I needed more information on the issue before I voted on it,
and normally, the meeting process allows that information to come forward.

By objecting to any item in the consent calendar, that item IMMEDIATELY
becomes an item for discussion under "New Business", where the facts can be
presented, where information can be made public, and where comments and
consideration are given before a vote is taken.

In "Consent Calendar", there is no discussion, debate or even a vote. Under
"New Business", there is the vigorous exercise of democracy through the
democratic process.

There was no "veto" of the resolution; no one on the LSB has a "veto" power,
not even the Chair.

Contrary to the statements being made by others, there was no effort to "inform",
there was no effort to even find out why I objected.

Instead, the motion was removed from the agenda by the maker of the motion.
Several times. And over several months, with other LSB members objecting to
this trivialization of a labor action against unfair labor practices.

Additionally, on nearly every occassion, the agenda was "front loaded" with items
that were claimed to be "time sensitive" or "urgent"...and have now been on the
agenda for nearly a year.

Each time the motion came up, it was objected to in order to make the strikers'
comments and issues a part of the public process...and each time, it was pushed
further and further back in the agenda.

It was not until the last week before the settlement that those who had been
clogging the agenda with "time sensitive" and "urgent" items suddenly allowed
the Berkeley Honda Workers resolution to be pushed to the top of the agenda,
and only then did these people allow a vote.

I am not a rubber stamp voter; I do not vote without knowledge or awareness of
the issues, and I am not a 'herd animal' that votes the way "everyone else" votes.

As a former Union steward and member, I am also aware that labor actions should
never be trivialized as the Berkeley Honda Workers resolution was being presented...
without comment, without discussion, and without a real vote of numbers, on the
record, and in a public, open meeting.

I also realize that anyone can type anything, but I also notice that the linked article
presents no real facts or information...but I can.

Please go to http://www.kpfalsb.org and
go to the meeting archives.

You will find the agendas, the minutes, and most of the audio recordings of
the KPFA LSB meetings.

Read or listen to the events for yourself, and find out who is telling the truth,
and who is smearing who.

The listeners deserve candidates who are honest in their votes and reasons,
and who have the interests of the entire membership in mind when voting.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will consider me for election to the
KPFA Local Station Board.

Mark Hernandez
Member, KPFA Local Station Board
Former Member, KPFA Local Advisory Board
Director, Fresno Free College Foundation/KFCF