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Charles Schwab,Dwight Cantrell,Endovasc,Stanford U. and stock fraud in Dubai,UAE
by Tony Ryals Monday Aug 21st, 2006 8:08 PM
On the scammy Endovasc(EVSC) tout board where critics or defrauded investors are blocked from posting and warning others of the scam,the alias meangene53 once bragged of Robert Johnson's and Dwight Cantrell's 'Texas cowboy boots'. But the only boots those scamsters ever wore,including whatever shoes or boots they bury that money laundering fraudster Dwight Cantrell in ,will be from illegal pumps and dumps and money laundering though Charles Schwab or other unnamed accounts. Dwight Cantrell,Judge Ken Riley and Robert Johnson organised the sale of worthless Endovasc shares to the Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,UAE boiler room, Bellador Group,that were eventually dumped on defrauded Americans through NASDAQ's corrupt OTCBB fraudulent stock market.(Do a google search for ' bellador group endovasc ',or simply a ' dwight cantrell ' , google search.