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Watsonville Community Garden established in solidarity with South Central Farm
by Teachers For Class War! ( operationopal [at] riseup.net )
Wednesday Jul 5th, 2006 10:03 PM
A recently established community garden at an elementary school in Watsonville is requesting your support!

Teachers and students are starting a community garden on an unused parcel of land on the otherwise barren Radcliff Elementary School campus in downtown Watsonville, CA. Beds have ben dug, and the garden is almost ready to be planted, once a sufficient amount of resources have been gathered. While school administrators have been consulted about the garden, it has yet to receive any official financial assistance. Organizers who have been following the recent tragic eviction of the South Central Farm in Los Angeles see the establishment of this new garden as a continuation of a common effort towards community self-reliance and getting back in touch with the land beneath our feet. In light of this weekend's call for action in solidarity with the South Central Farmers facing eviction (July 7-10), we are making this request for donations of tools, soil, seeds, and other supplies to assist in the creation of this valuable community resource. There may also be a work-party organized on Monday, July 12th.

List of supplies needed:

- rich soil
- aged, ready-to-use compost
- seeds and plant seedlings
- 15 to 30 trowels
- shovels
- gloves
- watering cans
- seeds
- planters, and wood to construct planters
- hay bales
- a hose
- pickaxe
- compost bin
- a picnic table
- a lockable storage shed or cabinet
- cash money!

Email us if you want to donate any supplies or money, or if you'd like to join in on a work party in the future. Thanks!