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Hwy 1 Banner Drop in Solidarity With South Central Farmers
by Angry Walkway Trolls
Friday Jun 16th, 2006 1:20 PM
During rush hour on Friday morning, June 16, 2006, a banner reading "REMEMBER SOUTH CENTRAL FARM--FUCK RALPH HOROWITZ--FUCK LAPD--SOUTHCENTRALFARMERS.COM" was dropped over Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, California.

During rush hour on Friday morning, June 16, 2006, a banner reading "REMEMBER SOUTH CENTRAL FARM--FUCK RALPH HOROWITZ--FUCK LAPD--SOUTHCENTRALFARMERS.COM" was dropped over Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, California. Countless commuters and parents of graduating UCSC students witnessed the 20+ foot long banner, which was suspended from the outside of a chain-link cage that fully encloses the pedestrian walkway over the highway, and honks of support rang out from the traffic below. The banner stayed in place for at least an hour before being removed.

Learn more about the struggle to save the South Central Farm and how you can help at southcentralfarmers.com and southcentralfarmers.org.

Unfortunately, at the time of this report, no photos of the front of the banner have surfaced. If you have one, please post it up!

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by word of mouth
Friday Jun 16th, 2006 3:26 PM
Rumor has it that Laurel and Mission were blocked this morning for about 10 minutes as a way to raise awareness about the South Central Farm. I heard that people moved dumpsters into the intersection and one person was shoved by Emily Riley's husband. He was apparently upset that Emily's dumpster was being used. When the cops came, everyone just walked away. If you were there, please publish a new article with an accurate report and some photos. Were there any other actions today?
by militant sista
Friday Jun 16th, 2006 4:23 PM
yea...you got it right about mission and laurel...Mr Emily did shove one protester b/c it was their dumpster. the action was REALLY cool and I am deeply grateful to the un-organizers. EVERYONE should be down for this farm. unfortunately, horowitz is a mean ass fucker who doesn't understand the ramifications of destroying this vital food source.

keep updated on the farm...get down to LA if you can. this is the most important immediate work to do at this moment. plant urban gardens, SAVE SEEDS...the bulldozing of the farm has destroyed many generations of seeds which people have passed along.

by by the way
Friday Jun 16th, 2006 7:11 PM
The report/story about the Mission & Laurel action can be read here:
by Palm Trees
Saturday Jun 17th, 2006 6:48 PM
This was a really cool action, but;

"FUCK RALPH HOROWITZ--FUCK LAPD" is going to get us nowhere. We need to be militant, but this slogan completely ignores why Horowitz has said he ordered the eviction. Saying "fuck him" will only alienate him further. The only way this thing is going to work out for the good of the farmers is if Horowitz's emotional needs are fulfilled also. Attacking him is the wrong strategy. We certainly need to call him on his bad decisions, but saying "fuck him" is pointless. It will only escalate the violence and hate.

Also, you all should definitely take this show on the road to LA. Doing this picatero stuff is cool, but it would have much more affect down there.
by la person
Saturday Jun 17th, 2006 10:43 PM
Thanks for doing this and bringing attention to the issue, and to the issue of urban green space in general.
by Sean
( cheguev82 [at] yahoo.com ) Monday Jun 19th, 2006 2:36 AM
So I was down at the farm a few weeks ago for some time and, unfortunately, was here in SC when the raid went down. But I am going back down on Tues/ late Mon night. I am still without a ride but will hitch if I dont find one in the next 2 days. The people down there are absolutely amazing. Everyone takes good care of each other. I shed a lot of tears when I had to leave that family. Please come down and join us for this historic battle. I work at Trader Joes downtown and will be there after 4pm tomorrow- ask for Sean, or call me: 419-8966