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Kitchen Workers at Chevys Fresh Mex in Tracy, CA Fired For Marching on May 1st
by sources
Friday May 5th, 2006 12:08 AM
Kitchen Workers Terminated after Marching for Immigrant Rights on May 1st

The Chevys Fresh Mex in Tracy, CA terminated many of it employees because of their absence from work on Monday, May 1, after the kitchen's Latino crew had handed a signed petition to their employer indicating their desire to support the May 1st march.

Other workers were forced to comply in labor on May 1st, regardless of their desire to express their opinion with their community in the May 1st march. Many employees, as a gesture of solidarity towards their coworkers, stepped out of work when their opinion about the unfair termination measure was completely ignored.

The manager who carried out the mass firing is Luis, the kitchen manager. Luis was following the orders of his bosses: Greg, general manager of Chevys at Tracy, and Gary, manager of the franchise which owns the restaurant. Gary is believed to have e-mailed the order that any workers marching on May 1st be terminated.

The phone number for Chevys in Tracy is (209) 839-2241 and it is located at 2770 North Naglee Rd Tracy, CA 95376. Franchise manager Gary can normally can be found at the Chevys location in Livermore. The number is 925-960-0071 and address is 4685 1st Street Livermore, CA 94550. The number for the corporation that owns Chevys is 1-800-4-CHEVYS.
§Restaurant workers fired after protest
by photo by Bob Brownne/Tracy Press Friday May 5th, 2006 9:20 AM

Dismissed: Members of the kitchen crew fired from Chevy’s Fresh Mex include, from front left: Leonela Perez, with her children, Alexis and Uriel; Maria Huerta, who was not fired but quit; Daniel Hurtado; and kitchen supervisor Fernando Martinez, who was not fired. From back left: Cecilia Arellanes; Francisco Valenzuela; Nicholas Andrade, who was not fired but quit; Alfredo Silva; Tomas Martinez; and Adan Rodriguez.