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Military Recruiters Abandon Post at UCSC Career Fair
by Vinny Lombardo
Tuesday Apr 11th, 2006 2:49 PM
Military recruiters left early from a UCSC job fair today, after being disrupted by noisy protesters.
Despite heavy rainfall, some two-hundred students and others marched across campus to protest the presence of recruiters from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marines, and the CA National Guard at the UCSC Career Fair.

UCSC Administrators say they are bound by the Supreme Court's recent ruling on the Solomon Amendment, which forces school's to accomodate military recruiters. After past protest actions at the bi-annual job fair, UCSC officials decided to seperate the military personel from other job recruiters, but protestors still managed to block access to that area. Police escorted one man in to speak with military recruiters but all media access was restricted.

After negotiations with UC officials, 10 female liasons were allowed in to dialogue with the military reps. Once inside, the women liberated many of their pamphlets and DVDs! A struggle ensued after UC Police officers tried to forcably remove the women from the building. Though no arrests were made, two women were assaulted by UC Police Officer Stevens, and a UC administrator in seprate incidents. The UC admin, Dan Woods, later publicly apologized.

As recruiters drove off, a rock was allegedly thrown at their SUV. An officer began to persue the alleged rock-thrower, and a legal observer with a camera also took chase. Kot Hordinski, the legal observer, was then arrested for "obstruction." He was released after about fifteen minutes.

Students Against War organizers, and most participants agreed the action was a success. For the third time in a row, military recruiters were confronted by large protests. The goal of getting military recruiters off campus, was reached yet agian. Many are now left wondering if military recruiters will dare to return in the fall for the next UCSC Career Fair.