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textretaliation arson attack on construction site at university of kkkalifornia berkeley by marilyn's daughters
phase two of the #Escalate movement heats up at u.c. berkeley with a construction site set on fire in broad daylight. this was done in retaliation for u.c.pd's violent assaults on vulnerable student demonstrators and to punish the university of kkkalifornia system for supporting the genocidal zionist-Israel entity. this was an autonomous initiative in concert with the current WEEK OF ACTION currently underway: operation campus flood....
Posted: Sun, Jun 16, 2024 3:45pm PDT
textOperation Campus Flood: A Call for a Week of Autonomous Action by Leila's Daughters
No more gradualism in the face of a genocide. A new phase of the the #Escalate movement on college campuses has begun. With Berkeley lighting the way. We are calling this OPERATION CAMPUS FLOOD. And it is an open invite for all who are sick of it all to join in displacing the displacers. From the outside in and the inside out, we need to raze the settler-empire academy that provides training, labor, capital, and a steady stream of propaganda and knowledge production for the Israel-Zionist ent...
Posted: Thu, Jun 13, 2024 10:21am PDT
textUCLA Students Were Attacked Last Night So We Retaliated With a Firebomb on UCB Campus by student intifada
Posted: Thu, Jun 13, 2024 6:17am PDT
textRetaliation Attack on Oakland Federal Building by (°°)~●~*
Windows were smashed and a firebomb was allegedly lit at the Federal Building in downtown Oakland, as an act of retaliation for SFPD's violent siege on the Sidra's Sanctuary encampment at the SF Federal Building....
Posted: Tue, Jun 11, 2024 8:12am PDT
textLarry Bensky - another side by repost
He also led the movement to de-democratize KPFA....
Posted: Mon, Jun 10, 2024 4:51pm PDT
textCalGEM issues 13 new drilling permits in Kern County by Ramon du Houx
CalGEM) issued at least 13 new drilling permits in May. Ten of these permits greenlight brand new oil wells, placing thousands of lives at risk from fossil fuel toxic air pollution and possible leaks...
Posted: Thu, Jun 6, 2024 10:53am PDT
textPacifica Safety Net (Pacifica Foundation) by Unsafe At Any Speed ??
Pacifica Safety Net claims long & loudly to have the advice and solutions for Pacifica Foundation's chronic mismanagement - maybe check out their car, before you have them fix yours...
Posted: Sun, May 19, 2024 9:58pm PDT
textCUCFA Statement On Campus Protests by Council of UC Faculty Associations
May 7, 2024 - The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) denounces the growing number of attempts to intimidate, repress, and criminalize campus protests of Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza that is supported economically and politically by the United States....
Posted: Tue, May 14, 2024 11:41pm PDT
textCalifornia Commission to Consider Funding Harmful I-80 Expansion Project by Center for Biological Diversity
ORANGE, Calif., May 14, 2024 — The California Transportation Commission will vote Thursday on whether to fund the Yolo 80 Corridor Improvements Project. The project proposes to add one lane of traffic in each direction, expanding the highway from six to eight lanes as it travels from Davis to Sacramento through the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area....
Posted: Tue, May 14, 2024 11:29pm PDT
textSDS Humboldt Statement on the End of the Occupation of Siemens Hall by Students for a Democratic Society - Humboldt
It may be the end of the occupation, but we’re only just getting started...
Posted: Sun, May 5, 2024 9:46am PDT
textBay Area Autonomists Reflections on UCB, SFSU, and USF Camps by some anarchists
a reflection and context for why the bay area's movement in solidarity with Palestine has been stifled...
Posted: Fri, May 3, 2024 12:30pm PDT
textACLU Responds to California Supreme Court Ruling on Minimum Wage for Incarcerated Workers by ACLU
OAKLAND, Calif., April 22, 2024 — The California Supreme Court ruled today that the state’s minimum wage law does not apply to people working for private companies while they are held in pretrial detention in California’s jails. The lawsuit, Ruelas v. County of Alameda, was brought by people incarcerated at the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County who worked without compensation for Aramark, a for-profit corporation that provides food in jails and prisons....
Posted: Tue, Apr 23, 2024 12:48pm PDT
textAgencies Cancel Plan to Frack Oil Wells, Build Pipelines in Los Padres National Forest by Center for Biological Diversity
VENTURA COUNTY, Calif., April 15, 2024 — Two federal agencies have confirmed the cancellation of applications for permits proposed a decade ago to drill and frack eight new wells on federal public land in Los Padres National Forest. The announcement, made April 3, comes just weeks after California officials proposed a statewide ban on this extremely dangerous fossil fuel extraction technique....
Posted: Sat, Apr 20, 2024 6:05am PDT
textCalifornia Senate Declares ‘Year of the California Grizzly Bear’ by Center for Biological Diversity
2024 Marks Centennial of Last Sighting of State’s Official Animal...
Posted: Wed, Apr 10, 2024 9:57am PDT
textCampaign for Democracy in California by C. T. Weber
An answer to the Governor's Campaign for Democracy which fails to address the lack of poor people being able to run for office with the possibility of winning....
Posted: Fri, Apr 5, 2024 12:46am PDT
textCalifornia Resolution Calls for “Year of the California Grizzly Bear” by Center for Biological Diversity
2024 Marks Centennial of State Animal Extirpation...
Posted: Fri, Mar 22, 2024 12:46pm PDT
text'FBI Tracking, Questioning Muslims In US After Israeli Attack On Gaza' by Zehra Nur Duz
Muslims in the US have been followed by the FBI for many years, but complaints have increased after Israeli attacks on Gaza on Oct. 7, Dina Chehata, civil rights managing attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Los Angeles office, told Anadolu....
Posted: Tue, Mar 19, 2024 7:38am PDT
textGreen Voter Guide for Tuesday's election by Green Party
Immediately below are endorsements by the Green Party of Alameda County (and a link to our voter guide), followed by links to endorsements by the San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Sonoma county Green Parties....
Posted: Mon, Mar 4, 2024 7:51am PST
textExxonMobil Drops Court Bid to Truck Oil in Santa Barbara by Center for Biological Diversity
LOS ANGELES, February 16, 2024 — ExxonMobil’s dangerous proposal to truck massive amounts of oil along California highways is dead after the company dropped its lawsuit challenging Santa Barbara County’s denial of the plan....
Posted: Mon, Feb 26, 2024 9:31pm PST
textProtesters Welcome Genocide Joe To Los Angeles With Chants Of 'Genocide Supporter' by Haberler
A group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators welcomed US President Joe Biden to America's second most-populous city Wednesday with chants ridiculing his hitherto unwavering support for Israel's war on Gaza. "Genocide supporter!" protesters yelled as Biden's motorcade pulled up to the Culver City Julian Dixon Library in Los Angeles, where he delivered remarks touting his efforts to reduce US student debt....
Posted: Wed, Feb 21, 2024 5:27pm PST
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