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textCorrupt Racist Newsom Pandering To Blacks In South When He Attacked Blacks In SF TWU 250a by Repost
Corrupt racist Gavin Newsom attacked Black workers while he was mayor of San Francisco and supports gentrification pushing Blacks out of San Francisco. Now he is campaigning in the South as a defender of the Black people....
Posted: Sat, Apr 8, 2023 3:27am PDT
textCalifornia Department of Public Health’s Criminal Negligence—April 2023 by Nayvin Gordon, M.D.
California Department of Public Health deliberately sacrifices the lives of the elderly, sick, and disabled by removing all restrictions on the transmission of the Covid-19 virus in high risk locations....
Posted: Mon, Apr 3, 2023 5:56pm PDT
textElected officials and coalition groups urge the Legislature to enact price gouging bill by Ramon du Houx
EOPA California, representing over 462 elected officials from 49 counties, strongly supports protecting consumers from oil price gouging with SBX1-2. EOPA California has a letter specifically for elected officials to sign in support of SB1-2 (Skinner). In just five days 108 have signed, and the number is rising daily....
Posted: Wed, Mar 22, 2023 3:11pm PDT
textSee video of Rescue Pacifica press conference at KPFA by Long time listener supporter
KPFA/KPFK/Pacifica Issues. - The seizure of KPFA funds was abetted by KPFA "Protectors".et al. 2 - The sale of KPFK's building, was set up without input from listeners and staff, 3 - In the absence of .new elections,the vote to have the current occupants keep their places,even if termed out, is illegal.....
Posted: Sun, Mar 12, 2023 7:45pm PDT
textOil Industry Seeks Supreme Court Review of California Offshore Fracking Ban by Center for Biological Diversity
9th Circuit Refused Previous Request, Upheld Lower Court Decision...
Posted: Thu, Jan 26, 2023 11:38am PST
text80 environmental groups & elected officials support price gouging penalty on oil companies by Ramon du Houx
80 environmental and public health advocacy groups and elected officials have sent a letter of support to Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), author of legislation setting a price gouging penalty on refiners to be taken up in a special legislative session called for by Governor Gavin Newsom....
Posted: Fri, Jan 20, 2023 1:52pm PST
textCalifornia's record high gas prices have set the stage for showdown with oil companies and by Hank Greenberg
On November 19th, Californians paid $5.30 per gallon of gasoline, while Texans paid $3.02. Stopping this price gouging with a windfall profit cap has become a priority of the governor. If Gov. Newsom can pass a windfall profits cap, it will be viewed as a major victory over the California oil industry. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s official plan to combat these high prices was introduced by State Senator Nancy Skinner, on the day the legislature reconvened to swear in members, Decembe...
Posted: Thu, Jan 19, 2023 4:04pm PST
textElected officials show support for a windfall profits cap on oil industry for price hikes by Ramon du Houx
State lawmakers and local elected officials urged legislation on a windfall profits cap on oil companies for the price gouging practices. The penalty would provide a rebate for CA consumers. Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) California local elected officials from frontline communities spoke about how their communities are being affected from gas prices as the oil industry continues to rake in billions of dollars in profits with no regard for how it hurts Californians, our climate a...
Posted: Tue, Dec 6, 2022 4:24pm PST
textInaugural EOPA CA Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit focused on offshore wind by Ramon du Houx
The Summit focused on the urgency for affordable clean energy security for all Californians – and highlighted energy solutions including scaling up offshore wind power. EOPA CA also supported Governor Newsom’s windfall profits cap on oil companies that are price gouging Californians at the pump...
Posted: Tue, Dec 6, 2022 4:10pm PST
textLA City Councilmember Koretz's Last Call For Aggressive Climate Action by Ramon du Houx
Koretz introduced three pieces of aggressive climate legislation: one aimed to ban the sale of new gas cars in stages, beginning in 2028 with the most expensive vehicles to fully implement by 2030; one to create a significant greenhouse gas emissions fee for private jets landing at Los Angeles airports; and one aimed to use the truth of the dangers posed to LAX and Silicon Beach by the SoCalGas Playa Vista Natural Gas Storage facility to shut it down...
Posted: Wed, Nov 23, 2022 3:51pm PST
textOil refinery quintuples 3rd quarter profits with windfall of $50 million off CA consumers by Ramon du Houx
Oil refinery profits have skyrocketed while consumers pay inflated prices at the pump. Gov. Newsom's special session on Dec. 5 for a windfall tax on oil companies has wide support....
Posted: Tue, Oct 25, 2022 3:49pm PDT
textEOPA California welcomes BOEM’s news that Morro Bay offshore wind leasing can move forward by Ramon du Houx
On October 5, 2022, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced the completion of its environmental review of potential impacts from offshore wind energy leasing activities in the Morro Bay Wind Energy Area (WEA), located 20 miles offshore central California. EOPA CA wants the federal offshore wind goal to be increased...
Posted: Fri, Oct 14, 2022 5:07pm PDT
textElected officials back Newsom’s special session request for windfall tax on oil companies by Ramon du Houx
Hundreds of CA elected officials thank Newsom for his leadership proposing a windfall tax on oil companies to stem price gouging and the climate crisis....
Posted: Fri, Oct 14, 2022 4:51pm PDT
textEveryone Under the Sun Rally & Festival in Sacramento October 11 by Ramon du Houx
Solar power is at risk in CA because special interests don't want clean, affordable electric energy for communities and have been trying to tax it at the Capitol the rally lets them know people need to be treated equitably and don't want the tax....
Posted: Tue, Oct 4, 2022 4:46pm PDT
textElected officials encourage EPA to use California standards as baseline for Clean Cars by Ramon du Houx
Over 600 elected officials support the Biden-Harris Administration in implementing stronger vehicle standards to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. They also want the nation to apply CA's strong clean car standards as soon as possible....
Posted: Wed, Sep 28, 2022 12:10pm PDT
textCA advocates call on lawmakers to 'beat the heat' with action to address climate change by Ramon du Houx
Environmental advocates called on California to take strong action to beat the heat by addressing climate change. Community members, advocates, and EOPA CA-an organization with 440 CA elected officials - want to ensure California is a national climate leader. Attendees showed support for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposal for climate action calling for state lawmakers to accelerate green-house gas reduction, the state’s advance toward 100 percent clean energy, institute public health setbacks for ...
Posted: Tue, Aug 23, 2022 7:25pm PDT
textMaking A Case for Universal Free Housing by Dr. D. Bruce Loisel
Factually, the current homeless epidemic in California will never be solved unless we, as a society, are willing to provide no-cost housing for unhoused persons....
Posted: Sat, Aug 20, 2022 11:04am PDT
textBy 5 pm Today (Fri.) & over the next few days!: Diablo Canyon nuclear plant Urgent Action! by Stop Diablo Canyon
A bill to “loan” PG&E up to $1.4 billion to extend Diablo Canyon’s operating life will be voted on by the end of this month. The deadline to submit comments to the California Energy Commission is TODAY (Friday, August 19) at 5:00 pm!...
Posted: Fri, Aug 19, 2022 1:41pm PDT
textRoof top solar should be affordable for all-don't tax it! by Heidi Harmon, former SLO mayor
We gathered proudly chanting “Don’t tax the sun” in front of PG&E’s office in downtown San Luis Obispo during a Don’t Tax the Sun statewide rally and tour. We are living in a climate emergency and oppose a tax targeted at net energy metering currently being considered by the California Public Utilities Commission. Help us stop the proposed tax and save our planet....
Posted: Mon, Aug 1, 2022 11:32am PDT
textOPA CA appreciates Newsom’s leadership directing CARB to ensure state meets climate goals by Ramon du Houx
Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) California Chapter, an organization with over 440 Californian elected officials, thanks Governor Gavin Newsom for his letter to California Air Resources Board (CARB) telling them to do more for the climate crisis. His bold direction in the letter instructing CARB to ensure their plan will meet the state’s climate goals gives EOPA CA hope that the Governor is serious about solving the climate crisis....
Posted: Thu, Jul 28, 2022 12:06pm PDT
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