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textMr. Assange never published false information by Christian Kliver and Nils Melzer
Mr. Assange did not hack or steal any of the information he released. Whether we may agree or disagree with his publications, they can in no way be considered a crime. Prosecuting Mr. Assange would amount to "shooting the ambassador" rather than correcting the problem he exposed....
Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 10:48AM
textAssault on KPFA & Pacifica by repost
Perhaps you heard about the attempt -- not in DC -- this one was in an LA courtroom, targeting Pacifica. Below is a letter from eight of us Rescue Pacifica persons who are on the KPFA board. Please share this widely....
Posted: Sat Jan 9, 2021 11:32AM
textNo Shame at KPFA!Falling In Line Supporting Receivership Like Republicans-Save KPFA & Comp by repost
The majority of the KPFA Local Station Board who are supporters the board chair Christina Huggins who sued Pacifica to put it in Receivership included supporters of Save KPFA, New Day Pacifica, Rescue Pacifica, Pacifica Protectors & Community For Independent Radio...
Posted: Mon Jan 4, 2021 3:43PM
textSpecial Pacifica Programming On Battle For Community Radio, Pacifica & New Corp Bylaws by repost
A panel was held on Pacifica, the attack on community radio and the continued effort to privatize the Pacifica foundation through new corporate bylaws. Additionally on the same day the KPFA LSB chair and former CWA Union official Christina Huggins, board members Andrea Turner and psychiatrist Donald Goldmacher...
Posted: Tue Dec 8, 2020 11:23PM
textJournalism reeks of betrayal of democracy by M Klockner, B Druecke and J Steinbeiss
A "new normality" has taken root in our society. A climate of fear and severe, permanent encroachments on fundamental rights are shaping politics and social life. From the beginning of the pandemic, the media and politics have created a reality that almost treats the principles of democracy with contempt. These three articles are translated from the German in and Graswurzel Revolution....
Posted: Fri Dec 4, 2020 8:07AM
textKPFA PNB Rep/KPFA Management Supporter & WBAI Coupster Sabrina Jacobs Gets Demand For Apo by repost
KPFA PNB Rep/KPFA Management Supporter & WBAI Coupster Sabrina Jacobs Gets Demand For Apology On Nicaragua Story...
Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:02PM
textNew Music Alert: The Latest Empowerment Anthem From Reina & Apollo by Corinne Fuller
There's new music from emerging artists Reina & Apollo!...
Posted: Mon Nov 9, 2020 5:43PM
textWhy Pacifica Needs New Bylaws – Part 2 by Akio Tanaka
We have a window of opportunity to come together to finally fix our governance....
Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 2:51PM
textCorona vaccine development - they prefer not to ask about risks and side effects by Jens Berger and Tobias Riegel
Thousands or even millions could be vaccinated on the basis of "emergency approval." We will probably have to live with the virus. The current strategy of damaging measures until a vaccine is available is a bumpy path with incalculable risks, side effects and already visible collateral damage. Jens Berger and Tobias Riegel are German journalists who publish regularly on
Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 6:51AM
textNew Day Pacifica Bylaws - An Exchange by repost
A response to Pacifica in Exile’s critique of the New Day Pacifica Bylaws....
Posted: Wed Oct 7, 2020 4:43PM
textWhy Pacifica Needs New Bylaws by repost
“The New Day Pacifica Bylaws will correct excesses of the present bylaws by reducing the size of the board, getting the Local Station Boards out of station management, and having direct elections of National Board Members, rather than our present, baroque two stage voting process.” - Carol Spooner...
Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:52AM
textU-C IMC is celebrating 20th Anniversary by Stewart Dickson
U-C IMC is celebrating 20th Anniversary WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 AT 6 PM CDT – 7:30 PM CDT...
Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:48PM
textWeighing the Pros and Cons of The Proposed New Pacifica Bylaws  by Akio Tanaka
The aim of the proposed New Day Pacifica Bylaws is to simplify, democratize, and stabilize the governance structure of Pacifica to keep it from evaporating in April 2021, when its $3.2 million balloon payment becomes due....
Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:39PM
textTransplant to the Left Coast by Stewart Dickson
I hosted TechKnowLedge every Thursday morning from 8 to 9 on WRFU-LP 104.5 Urbana-Champaign, Illinois from mid-2010 to the end of 2018. I transplanted myself from East-Central Illinois to the Mendocino Coast in January, 2019. Thinking of spinning-up TechKnowledge again on KNYO-LP 10.7, Fort Bragg....
Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:12AM
textA Response to Pacifica in Exile article ‘Bad Bylaws Take 2’ by Akio Tanaka
9-3-20 Pacifica in Exile (PIE) article ‘Bad Bylaws Take 2’ critiques the proposed New Day Pacifica (NDP) Bylaws. Following is a response to the article, giving the reasons why you should sign the petition for the new Bylaws....
Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:20AM
textOnce more: what has happened to the #MeToo witch-hunt? by David Walsh (WSWS Repost)
The apparent stifling of the #MeToo Movement points to the way the US media turns on a given tap at one instant, only to turn it off at the next. Everything it reports is dictated by the needs of the ruling elite to shift public opinion, always with a larger political agenda in mind, to confuse and deceive the people....
Posted: Tue Sep 8, 2020 9:25AM
textThe greatest threat to Pacifica is not the New Bylaws, but the old ones! Read why. by Akio Tanaka
Why is it important to sign the petition for the new Pacifica Bylaws?...
Posted: Tue Sep 1, 2020 2:30PM
textAnother {attempted} Power Grab By Pacifica Corporatizers! by repost - from Alex Steinberg
KPFA members: Don't Sign The Petition At Pacifica To Corporatize The Bylaws! - From the Pacifica National Board Chair...
Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:44AM
textHelp Pacifica- Support the New Bylaws- Do Sign the Petition! by Akio Tanaka
“… it would be beneficial for the Foundation to review its Bylaws and consider any revisions to simplify them and encourage more productive meetings….”...
Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 8:51AM
textThe KPFA LSB Special Meeting is ON! by longtime KPFA supporter
This notice is for a Special Meeting of the KPFA Local Station Board, the correct time of which is Thursday April 30 at 11:00 am, on Zoom (information is below). The LSB cancelled its March meeting but unlike other Pacifica stations did not reschedule with remote attendance. The UIR faction majority leaders have tried to cancel this meeting, but it is still scheduled! (see
Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:31PM