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textSee video of Rescue Pacifica press conference at KPFA by Long time listener supporter
KPFA/KPFK/Pacifica Issues. - The seizure of KPFA funds was abetted by KPFA "Protectors".et al. 2 - The sale of KPFK's building, was set up without input from listeners and staff, 3 - In the absence of .new elections,the vote to have the current occupants keep their places,even if termed out, is illegal.....
Posted: Sun, Mar 12, 2023 7:45pm PDT
textJournalism is in denial about itself & China's Mediation by Jan Schoenmakers and Willy Sabowski
If you live on a powder keg, you have to avoid sparks. Therefore, especially in crises, truthful, trustworthy communication and respectful communication in society is more important than ever. Thus, the more explosive the situation, the more important the fourth estate in the state becomes. It is failing spectacularly right now - as it has in recent crises....
Posted: Tue, Feb 28, 2023 1:53am PST
textThe brainwashing plant and Against forgetting by Volker Schuhmacher and Roland Rottenfusser
Klaus Schwab created a suitable stage for his ideology in the WEF. Wikipedia quotes Forbes magazine, "According to Forbes magazine, the WEF's Great Reset agenda is 'another example of how rich, powerful elites assuage their consciences with phony efforts to help the masses, making themselves even richer and more powerful in the process'" (15)....
Posted: Sat, Feb 11, 2023 8:10am PST
textOn Pacifica’s CRD: Hands Off Uhuru; Unionists Call for Freedom for Mumia; Florida New Coll by Pacifica's CRD
On Pacifica’s CRD: Hands Off Uhuru; Unionists Call for Freedom for Mumia; Florida New College under Attack; Somali Democracy...
Posted: Tue, Jan 31, 2023 6:16am PST
text"Free Julian Assange!" say Latin American leaders by multipolarista substack
A movement is growing in Latin America to demand the freedom of political prisoner Julian Assange, the Australian journalist persecuted by the United States for his work exposing its war crimes. Most of the major leftist leaders in Latin America have called for Assange to be released from the maximum-security British prison where he has been held and tortured since 2019....
Posted: Wed, Dec 14, 2022 5:18am PST
textFederal Marshals Seize KPFA Assets to Pay Defamation Judgment Against New York Sister Station by KPFA
This week US Marshals seized more than $300,000 of KPFA’s cash reserves to pay for a monetary judgment for its parent organization the Pacifica Foundation. The asset seizure resulted from a defamation lawsuit by a former interim executive director of Pacifica, John Vernile in 2019 against programmers of its New York station, WBAI. Pacifica lawyers filed an appeal today to block the judgment. But KPFA is now facing layoffs and a massive budget shortfall....
Posted: Mon, Dec 12, 2022 10:45pm PST
textHow critical journalists are muzzled in Europe by Ralf Streck
Besides the case of Julian Assange, the case of the Basque Pablo González has stood out for almost a year now. Poland wants to keep him in solitary confinement for at least a year without presenting any evidence for the accusations of alleged espionage for Russia. His offense is apparently to have done research in eastern Ukraine, which alarms Ukrainian and Polish intelligence....
Posted: Sat, Dec 10, 2022 11:22am PST
textCompendium of Propaganda by Johannes Menath, W Meyer & A Behrend
Today, the media have arguably influenced our culture and behavior even more profoundly than nuclear power or weapons of mass destruction. An invisible cloud of artificial emotions, opinions and conclusions surrounds modern man. Propaganda can spread worldviews, generate obedience or revolutions, help wars break out and end, topple politicians - or make them heads of state....
Posted: Thu, Dec 8, 2022 4:08am PST
textNon-western news sources for the Protests in Iran by Women, Life, Freedom
As most of you probably know, major protests have been taking place in Iran since Jina Amini (also known as Mahsa Amini) died on September 16th, after being arrested for not properly wearing her hijab (see: ). Now, some protesters are being given death sentences (see: ). Therefore, I'm wondering what are som...
Posted: Mon, Nov 14, 2022 8:20am PST
textLet the advertising die! by Christian Kreiss and Tim Jackson
Advertising leads to useless purchases because it often persuades consumers to have needs instead of satisfying existing desires. This leads to excessive consumption of resources and materials and thus damages the environment. The advertising industry represents a waste of human creativity for profit purposes and stimulates cut-throat competition among supplier companies....
Posted: Wed, Nov 2, 2022 10:14am PDT
textStop the Purge on the KPFA Board by Anthony Fest
KPFA's 2022 Local Station Board (LSB) has reached new depths of partisanship. How low can they go? The LSB is contemplating the expulsion of one of its own members! Please tell the LSB to stop this nonsense, and instead do some real work....
Posted: Thu, Oct 27, 2022 3:35pm PDT
textNot much good news at KPFA by Daniel
While the financial crisis deepens, KPFA gatekeepers move to silence and expel whistleblowers from the Local Station Board....
Posted: Tue, Oct 25, 2022 12:30pm PDT
textThe Conformity Forge and The Alchemy of Evil by Maximillan Ruppert and Willy Meyer
One possible answer may be that governments, the media, the legal system, and the vast majority of the population are firmly embedded in a sociopolitical system that not only does not want anything about it to be questioned, but also actively prevents an awareness from arising in people of a radically different view of the world in which they live. A social paradigm shift is imperative!...
Posted: Thu, Oct 20, 2022 10:16am PDT
text*Scripted and Fake! by anonymous
*The following video is completely scripted and "fake!"...
Posted: Mon, Sep 5, 2022 7:06pm PDT
textKVHS 90.5FM Under Threat of Closure by MDUSD by Listener
Concord's local radio station, KVHS 90.5FM (The Edge) is under treat of closure by the Mount Diablo Unified School District. This radio station is part of local history, having been established in 1964 by Clayton Valley High vice principal Bob Daugherty. A MDUSD staff report claims the station has no education value, and is too expensive to maintain. The station community, and local listeners want to keep their station - which is known as "the voice of the valley"....
Posted: Sun, Aug 21, 2022 12:48am PDT
textUC Using CIA Methods at People's Park by STP Jesse
In 1975 The Church Committee discovered Operation Mockingbird a CIA program which attempted to manipulate domestic American news media for propaganda purposes. Almost 50 years later U.C. is using the same technique to destroy Peoples Park....
Posted: Fri, Aug 12, 2022 2:09pm PDT
textResponse to Berkeleyside's People's Park Coverage by Aidan Hill
Peoples Park community is not anti-development; we are fighting climate change and do not support the redlining of our Southside district. UC Berkeley can build on sites that are not historically significant. We are anti-fascists centering on urban ecology, consensus decision-making, and rematriation of this land back to the Ohlone people....
Posted: Sat, Aug 6, 2022 3:15pm PDT
textRescuing Lew Hill’s Pacifica by Akio Tanaka
The real threats to the Pacifica network are the stations that are not self-sustaining, and a National Board that is unable to address the problem. Each station has to be self-sustaining, and a functional National Board has to be able to take appropriate remedial action when they're not....
Posted: Fri, Jul 22, 2022 6:56am PDT
textSaving Lew Hill’s Pacifica Radio by Akio Tanaka
The current Board is unable or unwilling to address the alarming declines in listenership, membership, and donations. Pacifica should recognize the 6820 to 5471 vote of the members for the New Day Bylaws to help save listener sponsored radio....
Posted: Sat, Jun 25, 2022 7:48am PDT
textDear Matriots by Marc Batko
The fire of youth will never be put out. Don’t let them break your spirit. We are only called to plant the seed, to be truth-tellers and story-tellers, to redefine and expand work, to revive our welcoming tradition and decry the tradition of fear....
Posted: Fri, Jun 17, 2022 7:52am PDT
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