Immigrant Rights
Immigrant Rights
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textSanta Barbara County Supervisors Support Drivers License Bill by Harley Augustino
At 12pm on Tuesday, June 22nd, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted to support SB 1160, the new drivers bill that will ensure that all drivers have access to proper training and insurance....
Posted: Tue, Jun 22, 2004 7:41pm PDT
textImmigrant Communities Fight Back Against INS/ICE Immigration Raids Throughout California by upton sinclair
Our demands are: stop all raids that the city denounce the raids that the police not cooperate with the INS stop violating the human rights of immigrants who are under custody of the INS...
Posted: Tue, Jun 22, 2004 12:06pm PDT
textMALDEF Helps Defeat Rep. Tancredo's Anti-Immigrant Amendments by Repost from MALDEF
I don't really agree with some of the rational being argued in this press release from MALDEF in regards to police, as it seems that police already have a chilling effect on the latino community and other communities across the country with any amount of pigment(ie people of color). Yet the defeat the this anti-immigrant legislation is great....
Posted: Mon, Jun 21, 2004 8:20pm PDT
textSF Labor Council Passed a Resolution in Support of the Cuevas Family on 6/14/04 by upton sinclair
Whereas an injury to one is an injury to all and the Cuevas family has come under attack under the Patriot act repressive policies and part of anti-immigrant repression...
Posted: Wed, Jun 16, 2004 8:54am PDT
textSign on to Letter to Stop the Deportation of the Cuevas family by upton sinclair
Please forward this to any organizations or groups that you work with, and encourage them to join the fight to stop the deportation of the Cuevas family. If you live in the SF Bay Area please join us on Wednesday June 16 at Senator Barbara Boxer's office to demand that she take action on behalf of the Cuevas family(info on link)....
Posted: Tue, Jun 15, 2004 6:41am PDT
text76-mile desert walk protests border rules by PWW
Over 200 people protested U.S. immigration policies at the Tucson Sector Headquarters of the Border Patrol on June 6 at the end of the 76-mile Migrant Trail Walk. According to Kat Rodríguez, coordinating organizer for the Derechos Humanos Coalition, 26 activists walked the whole length of the march, which started at the U.S.-Mexico border on May 31. Another seven walked part of the length through the Sonoran Desert, where a few hundred people perish each year trying to enter the United St...
Posted: Sun, Jun 13, 2004 9:56am PDT
textPost Boxer-Delegation, Cuevas Family Celebrates Bittersweet College Graduation by upton sinclair
Meanwhile, the Cuevas family prepares to celebrate their eldest daughter Donna’s graduation from California State University, Hayward. Without an extension of their final departure date, participation in commencement ceremonies would have been impossible for her. “This is a bittersweet celebration,” according to Support Committee convener, Robyn Rodriguez......
Posted: Sun, Jun 13, 2004 8:15am PDT
textLetter delivered to Senator Barbara Boxer calling for her to stop deportation by upton sinclair
As constituents in your area who feel very strongly about this issue we urge you, Senator Boxer, to respond to the Support Committee for the Cuevas Family’s request that you begin the process of introducing personal legislation on the behalf of the Cuevas family by June 15, 2004...
Posted: Sun, Jun 13, 2004 8:11am PDT
textHelp Stop the Cuevas Family Deportation by r. rodriguez(repost from email)
"It's going to take a miracle (to stay)," said Dale Cuevas, 23, the family's adult son. Calling All Miracle Workers and Organizers of all strips and colors - We need to stop this deportation and draw a line in the sand, so to speak - Join the organizing efforts talked about below and do whatever you can to stop the deportation of the Cuevas family....
Posted: Sat, Jun 5, 2004 10:06am PDT
textICE (INS) raids in the Mission! by Jeff G (reposts, report)
2 articles from the SF Bay Guardian, Press Release an Press Conference Report....
Posted: Wed, May 19, 2004 11:47am PDT
textUp against ICE(aka la migra) by repost from SFBG
The following is an editorial that appears in this weeks, May 19th, edition of the SF Bay Guardian....
Posted: Wed, May 19, 2004 2:09am PDT
textFilm Screening and Benefit for the Immigrant Worker Freedom Rides - This Friday - Oakland! by AK Press
This Friday evening - there will be a benefit for the Immigrant Worker Freedom Rides - at the AK Press warehouse in Oakland. Including a film screening of The Gatekeeper, and a panel discussion by Freedom Riders themselves....
Posted: Tue, May 18, 2004 5:04pm PDT
textImmigrant HIV Assistance Program Forced to Close Its Doors by mark
CARE Doesn't Care For Latinos: Health And Legal Assistance Programs Cut....
Posted: Sun, May 16, 2004 12:48pm PDT
textACTION ALERT HR 3722: Requires Emergency Rooms to Report Undocumented Immigrants by American Immigration Lawyers Association
US House of Representatives to vote on HR 3722, requiring emergency room health workers to fingerprint or photograph undocumented immigrant patients and then call Homeland Security to begin deportation proceedings...
Posted: Thu, May 13, 2004 7:01pm PDT
text5/14, 10am Press Conference about INS Raids by DLP
> >PRESS CONFERENCE > > > >Friday May 14th, 2004 > >10:00 am > >447 Valencia st. (between 15th & 16th)...
Posted: Thu, May 13, 2004 6:58pm PDT
textProtest REI's ties to Sweatshop Labor! by CPA supporter
Wednesday, May 12, at 11pm, there will be a community picket out in front of the San Francisco REI office. REI is refusing to pay a measly $27,000 owed its factory workers as well as refusing to disclose its records....
Posted: Wed, May 12, 2004 12:50am PDT
textTONIGHT! ECR reports on Iraq and immigrant driver's licenses on KALX! by ECR
Enemy Combatant Radio does a segment on KALX 90.7FM every other Sunday in Berkeley at 5:30pm. You can also hear the segment posted later to the site....
Posted: Sun, May 9, 2004 12:57am PDT
textCall to Action! - Immigrant-Worker Solidarity Day at RNC by Immigrant-Worker Solidarity
Call to Action! - Immigrant-Worker Solidarity Day Of Action and Conference During Anti-RNC Mobolization, New York!...
Posted: Thu, May 6, 2004 7:16pm PDT
textvigil Friday morning at the INS by clare
Solidarity vigil this Fri April 30 from 7-9 a.m. at the INS building, Washington & Sansome in SF kicks off two Days of Mourning and Resistance for the recent escalation of the occupation in Iraq, as well as ongoing injustices in Palestine and here in the Bay Area with the targeting of immigrant communities. Stand with immigrants who are seeking justice and dignity....
Posted: Thu, Apr 29, 2004 12:01am PDT
textOakland 5:30pm: Immigrants' Tax Day Protest by Sustain/IWFR
Posted: Thu, Apr 15, 2004 10:07am PDT