Police State
Police State
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textan evening in south berkeley by aNONyMOUS
an encounter with your friendly, local berkeley police....
Posted: Tue, Jun 12, 2001 3:19pm PDT
textNew Plastic Bullets Deployed by Alias Salem
a more lethal plastic bullet has been deployed in N. Ireland....
Posted: Mon, Jun 11, 2001 4:21pm PDT
textAmnesty International Targets Human Rights Abuses in U.S. by Interview by Between The Lines' Scott Harris.
Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Josh Rubenstein, northeast regional director with Amnesty International USA, who summarizes his group's annual report on human rights violations in the United States....
Posted: Sun, Jun 10, 2001 5:16am PDT
textEmergency Picket Against Indonesian Police Raid by Sherry Wolf
Protests in 5 U.S. cities in solidarity with international activists detained in Indonesia....
Posted: Sat, Jun 9, 2001 3:21pm PDT
textProsecution Seeks to Deny Mumia Abu-Jamal Counsel of His Choice by tracy k
June 7, 2001 (PHILADELPHIA, USA) - In a move eerily reminiscent of his 1981 trial, which resulted in the incarceration of an innocent man on Pennsylvania's death row for close to 20 years, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office is once again seeking to prevent Mumia Abu-Jamal from exercising his right to be represented by counsel of his choice....
Posted: Thu, Jun 7, 2001 11:51pm PDT
textEcuador Indigenous Memorialize Killed Protesers by Council of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuado
Ecuador's Indigenous Movement remembers four of its protesters killed in the January-February uprising, and continues its demands for justice and diversity....
Posted: Thu, Jun 7, 2001 3:22pm PDT
textCincy Policeman: "We are prepared to WHACK you and take you out if necessary." by Paramilitary death squads.
Police Lt. Col. Richard Janke to Mount Adams protesters before protest even began: "We are prepared to WHACK you and take you out if necessary." Here is another reason a new police chief from outside the Cincinnati area needs to be hired. Chief Thomas Streicher has indoctrinated the next generation of SWAT-WHACK leaders in his paramilitary police department....
Posted: Thu, Jun 7, 2001 7:48am PDT
textHistory of brutal sexist racist, Cincinnati police chief, Thomas SWAT Streicher. by Policing the police.
FIRE POLICE CHIEF THOMAS STREICHER and hire a new chief from outside the Cincinnati police department. Does anybody have more details on the 1980 killing of an unarmed suspect by Cincinnati police officer (and now police chief) Thomas Streicher? A little research on Cincinnati police chief Thomas "SWAT" Streicher with the search engine. Police impunity in a paramilitary-SWAT police department not under civilian control. Here are quotes from various newspaper articles (see articles ...
Posted: Thu, Jun 7, 2001 6:40am PDT
textCincinnati Police Impunity and SUBPOENA power. Press exposes Power Structure! by 2 million inmates in USA.
Cincinnati Power Structure and Police Impunity. Office of Municipal Investigation (OMI), Citizens Police Review Panel, city manager, city council. Exposed by recent 2 Cincinnati Post articles....
Posted: Thu, Jun 7, 2001 1:59am PDT
textIrish Call for End to Plastic Bullets by alias salem
as one hit by a plastic bullet it is interesting to note the call by Irish Catholic groups in Ulster for the end of these weapons that have killed children in Ireland by Crown forces....
Posted: Wed, Jun 6, 2001 5:24pm PDT
textM4: Generations of Struggle (Kent State) by Studio 220
Watch a video about the May 4th, 1970 Kent State shootings in Ohio....
Posted: Tue, Jun 5, 2001 6:10pm PDT
textThe End of OK Corruption - When The Ghosts Come Back to Hunt by Isidor
The Ghosts from Waco and OKC have come back to hunt the REAL TERRORISTS...and make their life a living Hell... Their terror was their error... Now, their error is their terror....
Posted: Tue, Jun 5, 2001 4:28pm PDT
textHundreds Sue Police in Australia by anonymous tipster
POLICE bashings, illegal arrests and jailings have cost taxpayers more than $5 million in the past 2 1/2 years. The bill could blow out to $11 million as police face 140 new compensation claims. The Herald Sun has learned 100 S11 protesters will launch a $1 million claim over police actions at the World Economic Forum. Click link for full story....
Posted: Mon, Jun 4, 2001 11:53pm PDT
textCincy 12. $5,000 to $25,000 bails for jaywalking arrests? Uppity in Yuppieville by Subpoena POWER.
The Cincinnati 12. $5,000 to $25,000 bails for jaywalking arrests? Arrested for being "uppity?" One arrest was similar to fatal asphyxiation arrest of Roger Owensby in November 2000. According to reports (one is copied below) the Cincinnati 12 were given $5,000 to $25,000 bails, essentially for jaywalking in a white part of Cincinnati, Mount Adams, and acting differently from your basic white yuppies in a yuppie part of Cincinnati....
Posted: Mon, Jun 4, 2001 6:46pm PDT
textCincinnati Protesters Blast Police by John Zeh
CINCINNATI - Gay men and lesbians on June 2 joined some 2000 people who rallied and marched for racial justice in the wake of six Africa-American men dying while in police custody since September....
Posted: Sun, Jun 3, 2001 11:01pm PDT
textJ2. Cincinnati. First-hand report of brutal arrests at police brutality rally. by Unaccountable Police State.
Here is a detailed first-hand report of the brutal arrests in a yuppie section of Cincinnati called Mt. Adams. It was on the day of the Cincinnati March for Justice, June 2. The Breaking News section of Ohio Valley Indymedia says that David Mitchell was in the Cincy jail infirmary due to guard brutality....
Posted: Sun, Jun 3, 2001 4:56pm PDT
textJ2. Several pages of photos from Cincinnati March for Justice. June 2. by 2 million inmates in USA.
One of the most conservative cities in the USA is being awakened by thousands of protesters....
Posted: Sat, Jun 2, 2001 11:43pm PDT
textAnti-authoritarian bloc starts action in Cinci by SF-IMC/Studio 220
Audio from the start of the anti-authoritarian bloc action in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 1, 2001, at Fountain Square. (0:14)...
Posted: Sat, Jun 2, 2001 4:40pm PDT
textActing in Concert-Rally--Mattole by Earth First!
Acting in Concert Rally for The Mattole Forest Sunday, June 3rd, 2001 12 noon - 5pm Monument Road Gate...
Posted: Sat, Jun 2, 2001 7:40am PDT
textCINCINNATI. Bev Smith Show LIVE NOW nationwide radio. June 2 events by Networking.
BREAKING NEWS. Bev Smith Show (nationwide black talk radio show) broadcasting LIVE NOW in Cincinnati as part of American Urban Radio Network. To promote the inauguration tomorrow SATURDAY JUNE 2 of the African-American Political Caucus in CINCINNATI, OHIO. Check your AM and FM radio dial.
Posted: Fri, Jun 1, 2001 8:33pm PDT
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