Immigrant Rights
Immigrant Rights
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text10/16: Immigrants Rights March by Calif. Coalition 4 Imm. Rights, Against Raids
he California Coalition for Immigrant Rights and Against the Raids is organizing a massive Immigrant Rights March and Rally to take place on October 16, 2004 at 10:00 a.m...
Posted: Tue, Oct 5, 2004 11:18am PDT
textOctober: California Protests Operation Guardian by Raza Rights
Preparation continues for the march/rally planned for San Ysidro, Ca. on Sat. Oct. 2nd against 10 years of Operation Guardian and the neoliberal policies and theft against the people of LatinoAmerica. ALSO on Oct.16th, there will be a statewide march against Immigration Raids, for legalization for all and against the government's anti-immigrant policies....
Posted: Mon, Sep 6, 2004 3:01pm PDT
imageAugust 27 New York City Immigrant Workers Speak Out!
by Lee Siu Hin
No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights! No To Sweatshops! End The Racism On The Community!...
Posted: Sun, Aug 22, 2004 9:18pm PDT
textAugust 27 New York City Immigrant Workers Speak Out! by Lee Siu Hin
First of the week-long Counter RNC Mobilization in New York City No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights! No To Sweatshops! End The Racism On The Community!...
Posted: Fri, Aug 20, 2004 1:34pm PDT
textDefense Contractors Wage War On Arab, Muslim and Anarchist Americans by Defense Contractors Wage War On Arab, Muslim
First Draft: Recent reports of FBI harassment of activists have gone national. The FBI has been visiting activists, their neighbors, families and employers in a bid to intimidate those planning on protesting the political conventions. These events are reaching the news now because these latest FBI actions are face to face and in person. Under such circumstances it is impossible for the FBI to hide themselves behind anonymity....
Posted: Tue, Aug 17, 2004 9:21am PDT
textContact ADC if Approached by the FBI by American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has noted a recent wave of reports from across the country indicating that FBI agents are contacting Arab and Muslim Americans, including citizens, for what has been described as voluntary interviews. ADC would like to remind members of the Arab, Muslim, and Arab-American communities that equal protection and due process rights are afforded to everyone, including non-citizens, in the United States....
Posted: Mon, Jul 19, 2004 5:34pm PDT
imageJune 24 04: Civil Liberties and Immigrant Rights News Updates
by Lee Siu Hin
Last two weeks had been one of the dark moments in US civil liberties and immigrant rights, U.S. conducted several horrible raids against immigrants across the California, arrested and deported many people. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, the House passed the so-called "Intelligence Bill". Lee Siu Hin National Immigrant Solidarity Network Peace No War Network United Students Against Sweatshops...
Posted: Thu, Jun 24, 2004 3:07am PDT
textSanta Barbara County Supervisors Support Drivers License Bill by Harley Augustino
At 12pm on Tuesday, June 22nd, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted to support SB 1160, the new drivers bill that will ensure that all drivers have access to proper training and insurance....
Posted: Tue, Jun 22, 2004 7:24pm PDT
textMALDEF Helps Defeat Rep. Tancredo's Anti-Immigrant Amendments by Repost from MALDEF
I don't really agree with some of the rational being argued in this press release from MALDEF in regards to police, as it seems that police already have a chilling effect on the latino community and other communities across the country with any amount of pigment(ie people of color). Yet the defeat the this anti-immigrant legislation is great....
Posted: Mon, Jun 21, 2004 8:18pm PDT
text76-mile desert walk protests border rules by PWW
Over 200 people protested U.S. immigration policies at the Tucson Sector Headquarters of the Border Patrol on June 6 at the end of the 76-mile Migrant Trail Walk. According to Kat Rodríguez, coordinating organizer for the Derechos Humanos Coalition, 26 activists walked the whole length of the march, which started at the U.S.-Mexico border on May 31. Another seven walked part of the length through the Sonoran Desert, where a few hundred people perish each year trying to enter the United St...
Posted: Sun, Jun 13, 2004 9:42am PDT
textACTION ALERT HR 3722: Requires Emergency Rooms to Report Undocumented Immigrants by American Immigration Lawyers Association
US House of Representatives to vote on HR 3722, requiring emergency room health workers to fingerprint or photograph undocumented immigrant patients and then call Homeland Security to begin deportation proceedings...
Posted: Thu, May 13, 2004 7:56pm PDT
textCall to Action! - Immigrant-Worker Solidarity Day at RNC by Immigrant-Worker Solidarity
Call to Action! - Immigrant-Worker Solidarity Day Of Action and Conference During Anti-RNC Mobolization, New York!...
Posted: Thu, May 6, 2004 7:09pm PDT
imageIWFRC: New American Freedom Summer
by upton sinclair
Prior to working in Arizona or Florida, participants will receive training in Mississippi from leaders of the 1964 Freedom Summer. This training will take place June 28-June 30. Participants will begin work in Arizona or Florida July 1....
Posted: Sat, Apr 17, 2004 12:04pm PDT
textLGIRTF is now Immigration Equality by Immigration Equality
The Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force has officially changed its name to Immigration Equality...
Posted: Sat, Apr 10, 2004 1:09pm PDT
textOctober 22nd Coalition Statement about February 20th by October 22nd Coalition
The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation expresses its total support of the National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Immigrants on February 20th, 2004....
Posted: Tue, Feb 24, 2004 12:15am PST
textAnti-immigration bigots trying to take over the Sierra Club by dv
"Anti-immigration candidates trying to take over the Sierra Club's governing board have filed a lawsuit against the national environmental organization, alleging that its leaders are breaking state law by using club money and resources to oppose them in upcoming board elections." -- Los Angeles Times, February 11, 2004...
Posted: Fri, Feb 20, 2004 9:14am PST