text Third day of arrests in Mattole by Mary Bullwinkle
The forest defenders protecting the endangered old-growth Douglas Fir forest of the Mattole again came under siege as a large contingent of Humboldt County Sheriff's vehicles, Pacific Lumber Security, and heavy equipment rolled into the Long Ridge area at 6:30am this morning....
Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2001 3:06PM
image Seige in the Freestate 120_1_threatened_mattole_tree.jpg by MFD
Old-Growth Douglas Fir inside Timber Harvest Plan in the Mattole!...
Posted: Mon Apr 9, 2001 3:58AM
image Forest Defenders Jailed While those Destroying Forests and Watersheds Go Free 120_jail3.jpg by Forest Defenders
Friday April 6, 2001...
Posted: Sat Apr 7, 2001 10:46AM
image Courthouse Rally 120_courtrally1.jpg by Forest Defenders
Friday April 6, 2001...
Posted: Sat Apr 7, 2001 10:15AM
text Activists jailed from Mattole Free State Raid! by Mattole Forest Defense
Mattole Forest Defenders Confront the Sherrifs Department in Defense of the Mattole...
Posted: Sat Apr 7, 2001 12:07AM
text Mattole Forest Defenders Under Siege in Humboldt by Forest Defenders
Police and PL/Maxxam security invade freestate....
Posted: Thu Apr 5, 2001 1:51PM
text Race, Anarchy, and Punk Rock by Otto Nomous
The following essay was the handout for the workshop of the same title at the Bay Area Anarchist Conference 2001 in March, which was added due to the fact there wasn't a single workshop/discussion on the issue of race/diversity in the schedule of the conference.
Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2001 4:00PM
image New Treesit and Banner at Rattlesnake Creek 120_bannerw.jpg by Mattole Forest Defenders
Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2001 9:57PM
text New Treesit and Banner In The Mattole by Mattole Forest Defenders
Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2001 7:43PM
text Berkeley Students Protest: Stand Up to Ethnic Cleansing by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
Students to Construct Palestinian Refugee Camp on UC Berkeley Campus Demand for UC Divestment Continues...
Posted: Mon Mar 5, 2001 8:25PM
text Mattole Update and Upcoming CDF Rally by NCEF
This update is for Pacific Lumber/Maxxam logging protests, rallies and Direct Actions in Humboldt County....
Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2001 2:47PM
text Uniting the Fight Against Bush - Bay Area Socialist Conference by Scott Johnson
DON'T LET BUSH GET YOU DOWN! Come educate, agitate and organize yourself and your friends at the Bay Area Socialist Conference...
Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2001 11:15AM
image Arrestee in the Mattole 120_f701mattole2-5w.jpg by Forest Defender
On Monday, February 5, a Forest Defender is picked off by Humboldt County Sheriffs. The activist was defending Douglas Fir from logging by placing himself in the fall zone....
Posted: Fri Feb 9, 2001 12:45AM
image Shakedown 120_f701mattole2-33w.jpg by Mattole Defender
Cops targeted people on state park public property, asked to see their ID and ran checks for outstanding warrants. These activist were parked along a park road near where THP 309 was being logged on PL property some 200 feet from the road....
Posted: Thu Feb 8, 2001 6:19PM
image Naomi Gets a Cop 120_f701mattole3-27w.jpg by Forest Defender
Naomi Wagner, a long time Northern California resident and activist, is escorted by a cop to a waiting van. Naomi was arrested Wednesday, Feb 7, while drawing cops away from fall zone in the Mattole....
Posted: Thu Feb 8, 2001 6:07PM
image Deputies Accompany Logger into the Woods 120_f701mattole3-13cropw.jpg by Mattole Defender
Humboldt County Sheriff accompany a logger into THP 309 in the Mattole...
Posted: Thu Feb 8, 2001 5:59PM
image Activists and Residents Resist Mattole Logging 120_f701mattole2-16w.jpg by Mattole Defender
Some of 30 plus local Mattole residents and activists keep warm while waiting for loggers to arrive....
Posted: Thu Feb 8, 2001 5:53PM
text Activist Continue to Resist Logging in the Mattole by Mattole Defender
Non-violent peaceful activist continue to resist destructive logging in the Mattole....
Posted: Thu Feb 8, 2001 5:38PM
text Maxxam Continues To Log Old-Growth In Mattole by Mattole Forest Defenders
Early this morning, 02/07/01, Mattole residents and the Mattole Forest Defenders confronted Maxxam/Pacific Lumber logging crews who arrived to continue clearcutting old-growth Douglas Fir in Timber Harvest Plan (THP) 1-00-309 on Rattlesnake Creek within the Mattole watershed....
Posted: Thu Feb 8, 2001 12:18AM
image Anarchist Soccer Leaques gathers 2/16 in Oakland. 120_soccer.jpg by Dan Mattson
Here is flyer for the Anarachis Soccer gathering to "kick some capitalist balls!" It will be Friday 2/16, 7pm at Bushrod Park (Shattuck and 60th) in North Oakland....
Posted: Mon Feb 5, 2001 2:49PM