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textInternational & Constitutional law and the invasion of Iraq by Jim Vanderveen
Elk Grove Peace & Justice Forum August 2004 meeting Prof. John Sims of the University of the Pacific/McGeorge School of Law spoke about international law and Constitutional law with regard to the recent invasion of Iraq and the "War on Terrorism."...
Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 10:16AM
textAnother fake picture from Free by Ferret Mike
The Free Republic is known for a scandal involving a photo doctored by Registered, a FReeper noted for his graphic work. Now they are passing off another anti-Kerry photo as him bullying a Marine with his finger rudely thrust into the man's chest....
Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 8:46PM
textJoin the Million Worker March on Washington D.C. by ILWU Local 10; ANSWER; d elliott
This is a plaintext of the page via google: "This is G o o g l e's cache of"...
Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:16PM
textAnd the loser is… by J Macdonald
A voter's anguish as the November election approaches...
Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:46AM
textNGC protest gears up in seattle by alice
come to seattle with ferocious joy...
Posted: Sat Jul 3, 2004 12:36AM
textFather Miguel D'Escoto: "Reagan Was The Butcher of My People" by Dan Bacher
This is the best commentary yet I've read on Ronald Reagan, the war criminal, mass murderer and corporate mouthpiece who died this week. D'Escoto's outstanding analysis is a great antidote to the disgusting corporate media coverage of the life and horrible legacy of this truly detestable man....
Posted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 6:10AM
textSAC BEE: "I killed innocent people for my government" by RWF (repost)
a remarkable piece, both because of its content (a soldier speaking with extreme candor about the violence perpetrated against Iraqis) and the fact that the Bee made the independent decision to originate this story itself (note that the article is described as "Special to the Bee")...
Posted: Mon May 17, 2004 2:18PM
textUS military in Iraq: rape/torture scandal by from Guardian UK
Use of private contractors in Iraqi jail interrogations highlighted by inquiry into abuse of prisoners Julian Borger in Washington Friday April 30, 2004 The Guardian...
Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 10:02AM
textBreaking News from Fallujah, more by Google Net (dhe post)
This is a superb source of Breaking News on any story you are following, in this case Fallujah. Check it out!...
Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 4:12PM
textUS Civilian Peace Team attempts to block assault on Najaf by Dan Bacher (dhe post)
The Najaf emergency delegation can be contacted for interviews and more information by e-mail, as their peace witness and nonviolent challenge to the U.S. military assault plan unfolds in the days ahead...
Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 3:46PM
textCinco de Mayo Fiesta by Rene Aguilera
Date: May 2,2004 Event: The Hispanic Empowerment Association of Roseville (H.E.A.R) presents 4th Annual Cinco de Mayo Safety Day Fiesta - Health, Education, Job Fair, and Chicano Art Explosion Time: 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. Location: Roseville's Placer County Fairgrounds 800 All America City Blvd, Roseville, CA For more information please contact 916.782.2040 or Free!...
Posted: Tue Apr 6, 2004 8:17PM
textStatement on the Southern California Grocery strike by Labors Militant Voice by John Reimann
The union leadership let so. cal workers down. Unions should return to the methods of the 1930s and lead a fight for health care for all....
Posted: Tue Mar 23, 2004 11:30PM
textOutsourcing jobs abroad at the expense of American workers by Seth Sandronsky
Outsourcing stateside jobs to low-wage countries...
Posted: Sun Mar 7, 2004 4:04AM
textBlk Commentator on Godfather Colin Powell & 'killing fields" of Haiti by Glen Ford with Kevin Pina, repost by Dan E
Godfather Colin Powell: The Gangster of Haiti; Kevin Pina's notes on the 'killing fields'; "The deed is done. Haiti has been raped. The act was sanctioned by the United States, Canada and France." - Editorial, Jamaica Observer ''All the people that supported [Aristide] will be dead in three months.'' - attorney Ira Kurzban...
Posted: Thu Mar 4, 2004 1:03PM
textPentagon Report Forecasts Global Evironmental Crisis by John Throne
An alliance of anti-capitalists is more crucial than ever with the a Pentagon report forecasting a major environmental crisis in the relatively near future....
Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2004 9:14PM
textProtest Denial of Visa for Cuban Musicians by Dan Bacher
Send an email to Colin Powell protesting the denial of visas to members of the Bueva Vista Social Club for the Grammy Awards....
Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2004 10:02PM
textU.S. Presidential Politics And Jobs by Seth Sandronsky
America's 2004 presidential campaign and the job market...
Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 6:37AM
textBush’s Budget Priorities by Seth Sandronsky
The president's 2005 budget: more debt to fund the U.S. military...
Posted: Tue Feb 3, 2004 4:27AM
textOn The Campaign Trail, Bush Talks About Job Training by Seth Sandronsky
President Bush Talks About Job Training...
Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 5:46PM
textWe Have to Dismantle All This! by Egon
Here is something to chew on....
Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2004 3:26PM