Police State
Police State
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textBack The Blue Until It Happens To You by E Lee C
On June 1, 2023, a troubling incident unfolded at a Milpitas, California, 24 Hour Fitness location, prompting a determined pursuit of justice. The incident involved harassment and intimidation, with the victim seeking help from the police, only to have their cry ignored by a dispatcher. When officers arrived, they displayed hostility, detaining and confiscating personal items from the victim. Allegations of false accusations and corruption emerged, suggesting collusion with juveniles and pote...
Posted: Mon, Sep 18, 2023 10:48pm PDT
textCalling on USians to Memorialize Jennifer Laude, Call for American Withdrawal from the Philippines by Anonymous
An Urgent Plea from the Philippines...
Posted: Wed, Sep 13, 2023 7:21pm PDT
textExtradition of Julian Assange threatens First Amendment, Press Freedom by Marjorie Cohn
JURIST: My favorite Supreme Court Justice of all time is William O. Douglas. A staunch defender of the First Amendment, he asserted in his book Points of Rebellion, “We must realize that today’s Establishment is the new George III. Whether it will continue to adhere to his tactics, we do not know. If it does, the redress, honored in tradition, is also revolution.”...
Posted: Fri, Aug 25, 2023 3:35pm PDT
textInverted World by Michael Sailer
Wars of aggression and sanctions against half the world are called "defense", "education" means paramilitary drill for usability in the profit industry under strict avoidance of any real formation of mind and feeling, the robbery of common goods is called "privatization", and self-evident areas of welfare mutate into dysfunctional "service"....
Posted: Sun, Aug 20, 2023 6:52am PDT
textReligious Fundamentalism. An Ambivalent Phenomenon of the Modern Age by Carla Herrmann
The conclusion that Thomas Meyer repeatedly puts forward is obvious: "Fundamentalism proves to be an indeterminate negation of the foundations of Enlightenment and modernization."...
Posted: Sun, Aug 6, 2023 9:00am PDT
textJeffrey Tumlin: our buses aren't jails by SFMTA Employees
This is an open letter from San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) employees regarding the events of July 8th, 2023 at the annual Dolores Park Hill Bomb, where Muni buses were used by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to transport detained teenagers to SFPD’s Mission Station....
Posted: Mon, Jul 24, 2023 8:31am PDT
textIs the US a Failed State with Michael Hudson by Michael Hudson
It’s a failed state because its economy is paralyzed and we’re in a debt deflation, an economic polarization, that is just transferring all wealth and income away from labor, away from industry, into really the financial sector and what I call the finance, insurance, and real estate sector....
Posted: Fri, Jul 21, 2023 4:00am PDT
textA Dangerous Myth: Does Speaking Imply Breathing? by PNW Street Medics
It is possible for someone to be able to speak without being able to adequately breathe. This article from the Annals of Internal Medicine looks at how a person may die from lack of oxygen while still being able to plead... “I can't breathe.”...
Posted: Thu, Jul 13, 2023 7:44pm PDT
textBrick thrown at UPS Store Window in Solidarity with #StopCopCity by ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Oakland CA, a brick was thrown into the front window of UPS Store in solidarity with #StopCopCity and defense of Weelaunee forest...
Posted: Sat, Jul 8, 2023 11:10am PDT
textSomething is Rotten in France by Leon Kunstenaar
French police kill 17 year old youth of Algerian background at traffic stop...
Posted: Wed, Jul 5, 2023 11:55am PDT
textBank of America in berkeley hit with STOP COP CITY tags and ATM screens smashed by ฅ(^•ﻌ•^ฅ)
Last night at 1am the bank of america on college ave was attacked in solidarity with the campaign to stop cop city and weelaunee forest defenders...
Posted: Mon, Jul 3, 2023 10:40am PDT
textDeSantis' weaponized FL justice system & beloved prosecutorial crony - quid pro quo by Scott Huminski
November 2018 saw the election of DeSantis and his strong ally State's Attorney Amira Fox who later enjoyed multiple appointments by DeSantis including Fox's appointment to the investigation of DeSantis' first major law enforcement appointee Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony for perjury in his law enforcement applications. Fox let Sheriff Tony walk free on the obvious perjury and then enjoyed another gracious DeSantis appointment to a commission....
Posted: Mon, Jul 3, 2023 5:32am PDT
textATMs Smashed + Defaced in Solidarity with "Stop Cop City" by (o.o)
STOP COP CITY / 5 ATMs Smashed + 4 Bank of Amerikkka Buildings Vandalized n Bay Area Friday Night...
Posted: Sat, Jul 1, 2023 12:28pm PDT
textDaniel Ellsberg Has Passed Away. He Left Us a Message by Norman Solomon
"I choose to act as if we have a chance."...
Posted: Fri, Jun 16, 2023 2:42pm PDT
textDeSantis' 1st law enforcement appointee killed a man then lied by Scott Huminski
In 2019, newly elected Governor DeSantis' first law enforcement appointee, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony, killed a man, was charged with murder and lied about it on his law enforcement documents under oath....
Posted: Sun, May 28, 2023 4:20am PDT
textSF City Politicians Outsource Police Oversight To Non-profit HealthRight 360 by repost
The murders by police and recently by the Walgreen's security guard Banko Brown have exposed the role of Mayor London Breed and the rest of the Democratic Party politicians to allow the police and company police to have free hand. Diana Aroche started with Coleman Advocates, then worked for Maria Su at the Mayor's Office of Children, Youth, and Families, then for Mayor Edwin Mah Lee - who outsourced Violence Intervention and Prevention to HealthRight 360 - and now works at the SF Police De...
Posted: Mon, May 8, 2023 1:56pm PDT
textHundreds of schools have been hoaxed by "Ethiopian" caller for 1 year but FBI no comment by Frank Hartzell
The FBI and Justice Department has no comment about more than a year worth of hoax phone calls, numbering in the high hundreds or thousands of schools all over the nation. The calls have all been coming from a single source, traced to Ethiopia. The caller has a thick foreign accent. But also, there is a robotic version of the same caller that also has a thick foreign accent. VERY strange and nobody, including local police are being briefed about this, so schools are taken by surprise. Kids a...
Posted: Mon, Apr 10, 2023 9:42am PDT
textActivist Leads Fight to Stop Harassment of Vehicular Residents by Reggie Meisler (posted by Norse)
In an extensive and well-documented article on LookOut, activist Reggie Meisler published his research and activism to defend the rights of those in vehicles being harassed by police. Cops have been threatening and ticketing for signs not permitted by the Costal Commission....
Posted: Sat, Mar 11, 2023 5:00pm PST
textFood Not Bombs announces Meals-at-City-Hall today after top cop bans Lot #10 serving by Keith McHenry (posted by Norse)
Harsh rainy weather, the City's failure to provide adequate 24-hour Warming Center facility, and the Chief Escalante's recent ban on serving in the protected parking garage #10 have prompted the free survival food service to move to City Hall today and likely during future rainy days until reasonable alternatives are allowed....
Posted: Fri, Mar 10, 2023 8:56am PST
textNLG Condemns "Stop Cop City" Music Festival Arrests in Atlanta by National Lawyers Guild
Law enforcement detained at least 35 people in Atlanta on Sunday, March 5, at a solidarity music festival over a mile away from the Cop City construction site....
Posted: Thu, Mar 9, 2023 3:56pm PST
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